Sunday, May 2, 2010

No, I'm not alone tonight, I've got my thoughts to keep me busy, but thanks for checking up on me.

Sometimes you get stood up, start to think about anything and everything and decide to do what everyone else is doing. A grocery store wine bottle sits cold in the fridge while I'm hot in the humidity of a basement.

Here's to un-doing boredom.

Currently listening to Circa Survive, Act Appalled


  1. Never give a second chance to someone who stands you up! Unless their excuse was that they were watching a Cubs game. That's forgivable.

  2. lol I would be dead if it weren't for second chances. So I like to offer what I've been given many times before.

  3. er..

    "So I like to offer what I've been given many times before"

    just might make the 'that's what she said' list.


    I'm not against all second chances, but if a guy (or girl) stands you up with no excuse, I say they're not worth your time!

    You know, unless they're really, really hot.

  4. Please put me on the list! I would feel so very privelleged!

    Turns out there was a misunderstanding and I've gotten what I've offered many times after that second chance.

    so ya... ;P