Monday, May 3, 2010

1 birthday, 2 flasks, some wine, and a few strippers

Everyone has that one (or few) friend that drinks too much, and gets real aggressive when he or she does so. Tonight I got to experience a few new things. I went out for the first time with a friend from work, hit my first neighborhood bar, and went to my first strip club. It started off great. My plans went down the drain due to an unfortunate last minute emergency/revenge plot when I got a call inviting me out. I was promised a good time, saving a friend from a lonely 22nd birthday aaannnd this was all going to happen in walking distance from home (Bonus! Although I still drove there...). Sounds like a great deal. The bar was a little sketch but the terrace was open and it felt nice to be out for the first time in 6 months. All was good until for some reason, we(I'm saying we but I actually didn't like the idea at all though I was somewhat curious..) decided to go to the strip club next to the bar. I have to say I was a little surprised. The customers/clients were much more decent than I expected and the girls not so bad looking(although I still don't understand how they were all a size 2 but looked like they were holding a 2 month old foetus in their bellies). This was all nice, trying new thingsand all. Having fun between girls, making eye contact with every single horny guy in the club, but when one wants to get laid on her birthday and one doesn't get that, AND the wine glasses keep coming...well it's only a recipe for disaster. I was finally granted my wish to leave after refusing for the 29th time to go and "show these bitches how it's done" and led my girlfriend out the door to my car. It was only a 77 second walk to our ride to a comfy bed and she somehow managed to get in one fight with some random bar goers and to knock down a few Innocent construction cones. Well the cops saw the abuse these cones had to endure and decided to intervene. After her giving attitude and me thanking them for not giving us more trouble, we walked the 2 blocks to her place were I left her safe, sound, angry, drunk and 22, to return to my car and drive home to my lovely bed and pillows.
The whole 5 minutes I was in my car, I paranoid about being pulled over, having my purse searched and discovered 2 flasks full of alcohol and possibly other illicit things. I was fine of course, but wondered if I only thought I was fine because I wanted to get home so bad.

Have you ever been in a situation were you started doubting yourself even though you knew everything was good? Have you ever been through one of these nights without knowing if it was exciting or just plain horrible?

I'm glad I'm home, and hope my friend is okay. Guess I'll find out tomorrow...
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  1. Do you really have a flask that says "douchebag" on it? Sweet!

    One time I was outside of a bar, talking on a phone and drinking a beer, and in a 'froggy' mood. The cop, while I was on the phone, motioned for me to hand her my beer (apparently you're not supposed to drink on the streets). I wasn't paying much attention and just handed it to her with mild irritation, somehow in my drunken haze thinking that she wanted a drink. She poured it out slowly, looking at me.

    I pull my phone away from my face, look at the cop (chick cop) and said: "Thanks. Cuz I wasn't DRINKING that."

    And went back to talking on my phone.

    No idea how I didn't get in trouble that night!

    PS you can 'undo' boredom?

  2. yes I do. I'll post a picture. My best friend is very French Canadian and doesn't speak much english. After hearing me say douchebag a few times ( she says doooutchbag )she decided to get me a flask with it engraved on it (I had no job at that time so anything that would make partying cheaper was welcomed with open arms.

    Thank god for forgiving cops. I would have gotten in a lot of trouble if it weren't for them. Love how you just handed her your beer so she could get a drink.

    ya. just start a blog aimed at nothing.