Monday, June 14, 2010


I recently moved in with one of my friends. He's not the messiest guy but not the cleanest either. Something I new about him is that bad smells bother him so I was surprised when I kept on smelling something weird every time I went to the kitchen. I discovered the problem, sitting right there next to the pots and pans. These potatoes were trying to morph as one and become a human head... hair and all

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Craig Just Knows...

Ah work... I was posting an ad for one of my girls. We refer to her as "Raunchy Rachel". I hope you understand why I pissed myself when this verification code appeared.

The Flask: A Journey Around the World?

Okay so here's an idea. I have this flask and Caleb had a great idea to follow and document it's perilous quest through taboo nights and endless shenanigans. I used it one last time last night before sending it off to it's biggest journey yet tomorrow. Hopefully it will come your way and you can party like it's your birthday. Douches Wild!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Now it's Turkish delight on a moonlit night

Alright so it was my last post. I turned out to be more busy than I thought I would be. But anyway. I recently went on a trip to Turkey. We had a blast. Our hosts were gracious, the food was amazing, so fresh, the weather was purrfect ( lots of stray cats :) ) and there was so much to see! Here are a few pictures I took.
Walking up Hagia Sophia.

Hagia Sophia. It was HUGE.

On the way back from Prince Island. We were waiting for dolphins to poke their noses out.

Found it!

Amazing right?

In search of a heart shaped rock for my little sister.

Carpets and new saz. He figured out how to play it right away.

Most expensive (but delicious ) mojito I've ever had.

The forteress on the European side.

Fruits for dessert
(everywhere and always free :) )

Eating my "fish & Bread"

Applea tea! It's always time for apple tea!

Raki. They all drink this. Tastes like absynthe.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I know, I know. This won't be the last post today either

For a few months now we've been trying to find what makes the salon busy. At first we thought it was the weather. Clients would constantly walk in and out on the nicer days. But then one week, it was the complete opposite. Sometimes we think that the hockey games are bad business cause everyone is at the Bell center or glued to their TV cheering for the Canadians. But then one hockey night we get our bulk of clients at the exact time we might have scored.

Right now, it's dead. There isn't much going on. And I look at the girls, sprawled out on the couches or sleeping on the futon in the back. I'm thinking, the clients might be doing the same thing at home right now. I start to think that maybe there is no specific reason or correlation with weather that affects business. Maybe society is like one big person. Happy and ready to go out on one day and then asleep in a dark corner not wanting to get up on the next.

I'll stop trying to figure it out and just watch my girls and assume the rest of the world feels the same.
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I'm a Slave 4 You

A couple of days ago a little Asian man with a cap knocked at my work place. I opened the door to let him in thinking he was a client, but little did I know...

Asian man: Hello, My name is Robert and I have my c.v here for you.

Stone Fox: Oh....okay..? ( I work in a place where only women and mostly young hot ones apply for jobs, but I decided to listen to what he had to say...)

As I start reading the piece of paper he handed me, he reads it out loud with me. Here is what it read:

My name is robert (Robert without a capital "r"..hmm.. okay...). I am a slave that works in different salons to serve the women. The princesses give me what they want in "tip" form.

What I do:
- Clean floors
- Clean towels, fold and put away
- Carry grocery bags
- Wash the bathrooms
- Do the dishes
- Cook
- Wash clothes and iron
- waiter
- Take out the trash
- Wash cars
- Wax your boots and shoes
- Run errands
- Foot massage on demand ( I love this. Everything else is expected of him but the massage in on demand only!)

References will be given if asked.

And then his phone number and email which translates to

As we finish reading the "c.v" TOGETHER, he doesn't give me a second to speak (although I'm not sure what I would have said.) and goes on to get on his knees, put his hands together and beg me to let him be a servant to the princesses. I told him no, we do not need a slave here and it's against the rules anyway ( this is another story..). He quickly replied back with another plea, this one more passionate, to absolutely need to be submissive to princesses. I said listen, I'll speak with the girls and then I have your number here so I will call you if we need your services. Now I guess my answer wasn't good enough for him so he takes his little lunch box I saw him carrying on his shoulder and opens it:

Asian Man: " Here, to show you I am completely serious about this. ( He pulls out a little metal stand as his eyes fill up with water..poor man.. but what is he doing..? Oh wait a minute! I just got back from Turkey and saw a whole bunch of these there! He's not actually gonna....? Argh! Really?!)

Stone Fox: No Robert, it's okay. I don't need my shoes shined. They are new anyway. You really don't need to do this. I really, truly believe you when you say you are serious. I said we'll call you after we make a decision so please get up and...

Asian Man: No! Please Princess Stone Fox!! I need to work to feel okay. I need to be submissive to the princesses! I can bring you coffee?! ( and he says all this as I am walking towards the door and he is following me on his knees struggling to shine the little white spot off my right shoe)

After a few more minutes of me asking him to leave, he finally does so.

Yesterday I get a call from my slave and he asks me what I like to drink, and If I like fruit. I say I drink only water, tap water and am allergic to food. So this morning he shows up at the door with a water bottle and a bag of fresh fruits.

I'm not too sure what to do with him.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I Woke Up on the Wrong Side of the Bed Today

I just moved in to my new appartment with a friend I had lived with before. After painting my room and building my bed frame, I finally went to sleep. A few hours into my sleep my bedroom door bursts open:


Matt: " grmphblu..."

Now what did he just say to me...? Although it was in the wee hours of the morning and without my contact lenses I'm as blind as a mole, I swear I saw him walking from my bed to my window without even glancing at me once.

Me: " Matt why are you here?"

He didn't asnwer me with words. Instead he pulled down his pants (something he does way too often) and stares out the window. It was a full moon.

At this point I'm feeling pretty confident that this is one of those dreams where you can scream as loud as you can and no one will hear you so I just pull the blanket over my head and close my eyes. A few minutes later, I hear his feet shuffle and he exits my room closing the door delicately.

In the morning, I wake up to find my purse and a pair of his shorts lying on the ground in front of the door. I think to myself that this is a weird location for 2 such objects but grab my purse and leave for work. I call him a few hours later.

Matt: "Hey did you bring my sheets to the washing machines?

Me: " No, I don't even know where they are. Why?"

Matt: "Well I woke up without any sheets in my bed and went to the machines to see if they were there and they were.

Me: Hum.. this is the reason why I was calling... It seems in the 2 years we spent not living together you've developped a late night habit...

Needless to say at first he didn't believe me, then he realized it made sense, what with the missing sheets and weirdly place purse and shorts... I'll be locking my bedroom door at night from now on.

Do you or anyone you know have strange things happen to them?

This time is the last time.

I've never lost so much in so little time. One second you have a familly, love and stability and the next it's all gone. We held eachother for what seemed like forever in the craddle position we "invented" 2 summers ago. We stay like this in a bedroom that was once our sanctuary. At every kiss, I can't hold back the tears and begin crying all over again. I always knew how lucky I was. I hate myself for knowing I'm not taking anything for granted but not being able to love more. The way he does.

"This is nothing."

" You're right. It's nothing at all."

Just don't think about it and you'll be fine.

I had to leave, was late for work. I wanted to stay in that driveway forever but the longer I stayed the harder it got. And I couldn't keep crying, I had to stop. So just like ripping off a bandaid, I said a quick "Goodbye.", hoped in the car and left it all.

The death of something means the birth of something new.
I hope my new life is as good as the last one.

Have you ever lost so much in so little time?

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