Saturday, July 31, 2010

Late night Texts

I can't sleep. In the summer usually. It's always too hot and there's always too much going on. People love to text me late ate night. It's one of the reason and can't get a good shut eye, I'm always on the verge of waking up because I know my phone will start buzzing. Same thing for fires. I've been woken up in the middle of the night by a fire alarm abut 4 times. It's a bit unsettling. But anyway, sometimes bad things wake me up, and sometimes funny things wake me up (see blog I woke up on the wrong side of the bed today). Like last night.

Cody: i can't sleep arrrgh!

SF: Me neither. So you're not gonna go to your pirate party on Saturday?

Cody: Nopeh! My sister will be here silly kat

SF: Nay, twas not written in thee stars. The sea, she doesnt not call yee name on thee day that is Sat.

Cody: Swashbucklers! Arggh I burnt thee popcorne!

SF: Ack! To the devil! Yee must walk thee plank!

Cody: me out of rum matey! So i best be not be walkin the plank!

SF: Aye! Yee deserves to be swallowed by the queen sea and feed the sharks! Yo hoho! Scallywag!

Cody: Fine, I'm done talking pirate.

SF: Good. Cause I'm out of vocabulary. I'm horny though

Cody: Horny cool but I'm not johnny depp

SF: I knew that

Cody: thank god

and that was it.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I had this dream where my teeth always fell out

He always wrecks my soccer balls.

Audrey's homemade waffles. Toppings - courtesy of me.

Living here is great. Some of my friends warned me about moving in with Audrey. They thought I was making a huge mistake. I wasn't 100% sure at that time but I was willing to give it a shot. I'm pretty flexible. Apart from her bad habit of drowning her sorrow in alcohol, it's been wonderful. I now have a devoted friend at my side with lots more attitude and spunk than I, which can come in handy at times. She also feeds me. Steaks, bbq'd veggies, waffles, pancakes, anything I want. I love(sometimes hate) that she's rude to people but tells me she's aware she has no social etiquette. She's amazing.

Last fall I told my best friend I felt a big change was coming.

A few days ago I joined the local gym. My membership gives me access to all the classes. They have a pool there.. I intend on eventually taking swimming lessons but I'll procrastinate a couple more weeks... I've been quite inactive for about 4 years now. A combination of injury, sickness, relationships and way too much cake. Yesterday, I played volleyball for the first time in 4 years. And when I say play I mean I ate gym floor for about 2 hours and a half. I decided to watch them play first, to see what I was up against. Holy moly who was I kidding! They were about 10 guys, all much older than me and amazing athletes. I kept on watching for another good 15 mins then the first game ended. By then, about 10 more people joined. Still no girls...Hmmm. Maybe I missed the "extremely tall, older guys only" sign at the door? A small man then asked me if I wanted to warm up and play the next game. So I did. I was really nervous and overly shaky but it came back to me quickly. I was actually holding up against these monsters! (Imagine the aliens from Space Jam only they play volleyball instead of bball) So by the end of the evening I impressed a few macho men from the YMCA and myself aswell. I didn't think I had it in me. I was invited back next week, with a promise that I would purchase some knee pads. It feels amazing to hit on a ball again.

I also received to long awaited phone calls this week. One that informed me of a fixed date for an important surgery needed which allows me to set a date for my second important call. I will finally get to go to England and possibly quit these salon jobs by September. Alot of people dick around but sometimes you have to believe things will workout, because they do.

My parents decided they will be bringing my dog Othello in to be put to sleep. He is quite old and my mom says he's been sick for a bit. They got the results back from some tests and it shows nothing good. They decided, unlike we did with my 21 year old cat, to no stretch out his malaise and cut the pain short. i saw him maybe 2 weeks ago and he seemed fine. A bit old but fine. My mom called to let me know Friday is the day. That's in 2 days. I think it's too soon. I get the feeling my mom just wants to get rid of him. She took it hard with my cat and the wedding is coming up and I think she thinks Othello is a burden so I'm not too happy with this decision. It's just too soon. They told my little brother and sister that he was old and sick so he had to go finish his days at the hospital where the doctors can care for him until he goes to heaven.

I think this is what I'll choose to believe. It's easier and makes more sense.
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Melancholy Boy's words, what I've been dying to say

A couple blogs back I wrote about a guy that writes amazing things. Amazing to me anyway. Here is some of his work. This to me, is what I couldn't explain to others. How I view things. It might make me sound like a whore, or I don't know, but this is how it is for me. Not just on a sexual level (although it's been about that part alot lately) but on any kind of level. This is what I do. And it has everything to do with why I feel so low of myself. Enjoy, or not.


When so many people can tell you they love you, that you're beautiful, that you're amazing, why only take it from one person? Why not take it from every person? Why not feel everyone's longing and touch with their tongues and lips and fingertips? Why not feel every single person you want's heartbeat and body parts. Why tie yourself down and feel guilty for talking or touching somebody else and why give all of yourself to one person when you can give yourself to every person and every person can give parts of themselves to you.

Why depend when you don't need too, and why love one when you deserve to be loved by all. No one deserves all of you, no deserves all of you, no one deserves all of you, no one deserves every ounce of you.

Pour yourself into the sea and mingle from here to there and everywhere. Why not have a bed thats always full of new experience and a heart thats bloody from friends and foe.

Why not eat at everyones soul and why constrain yourself to one heart and one mind. We've got one life. i'm in an open relationship with the world.

there's too much love or none left in these bones of mine. i can't tell which one. im a trick and an apparition and i'll make you comfortable without much of a whim or care.

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When actions stop speaking for themselves, people count on words, like I count on yours.

I am completely in love with someone right now. I just can't take it. I wish I could just be happy and contempt with a routine. But I can't. I really can't. But I'm overflowing with love for this one person. I can't let go. Even though everyone says I should. I just don't know what's right anymore. I want to do whats feels good for me, but when I do that I feel like shit hurting someone else. It just never gets resolved. This one's really personal...

SF: i just don't want to be sucked into that routine

you don't have any other dreams or things you want to do

or if you do you don't tell me about them

J: i lost hope in my dreams, and thats just my problem

SF: well i'm not like that

J: i know babe and im happy you arent

i just wish for a lot of things and im selfish, i'll admit i just want to be with you, wake up with you i want to see you become wise, and see you learn from life

i want to be there when you develop new habits, and new body language i just want to be with you

and the saddest thing is that you dont want that as bad as me

you want other things more

and thats not your fault

not anybodies

its just, life i've made lots of decisions that i regret

so far, im not even sure how i feel about this one

SF: it's just an obstacle, i just need to figure things out

J: an obstacle would be a challenge

you just prefer your independence

thats not a challenge, thats just your nature

I am a bird... a fucking bird.

J: just enjoy life right now
all i can do is wait for you

wherever i go there will be a place for you

How the fuck am I suppose to sleep? I don't understand so much love from one person. I can't match it, it's just too much. I've been horrible to this person and I still get a "wherever i go there will be a place for you". Why do I always look for something more?
In our car, the one I've been driving since he left, there is a sticker on the dashboard that reads Stone Fox + J. I put it there years ago when I learned we had a label maker at work and I figured out how to work it. I can't bring myself to remove it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Salon


Now it's time to answer some questions.

I recently quit my job at the salon. I had been working there for a little over 7 months but it was time. I was receptionist/manager in an erotic massage parlour. Not a brothel. I don't know about where you guys live but in Montreal we have tons of em. It's a place where guys show up, pick a girl, then are taken to a room for a massage, some chatting and then a happy ending (we only had one Asian chick and she lasted 2 days). I know it sounds wrong but a job's a job. And a job like this one has many perks. Pick your own schedules, paid cash everyday, make alot more than any other job and just lie around doing whatever you please until horny men pass by. Not many people know I worked here because well you can only imagine (or you, yourself are judging right now) the taboo associated with this kind of work. I'm not trying to change anybody's view on the subject but to me there's nothing wrong with it. It's a service being offered in exchange for a fee. These girls are not prostitutes and do not offer to have sex with the clients (well we had one who did, Nurse Lauren was her name). They are girls that want to make alot of money, that are very comfortable with their sexuality and are master seductresses. These girls are amazing actors, some of the best hustlers you'd ever meet and they do this all in their lingerie. Some have bills to pay, other's power trip over the fact that they get paid to give guys boners. Everyone has their reasons to work there and everyone's got issues. But everyone's got issues. In any type of work. So when I hear some of my best friends say that my coworkers must all be crack addicts or alcoholics or beaten as kids, I get real mad. The girls I worked with were amazing. No addicts, no diseases, nothing. Just extremely sexy ladies working their magic for an incredible price that guys are willing to fork out. Most of these girls, you would never know do this. They don't look like porn stars or have that fake attitude to go with it. They just rock and I love them. That's the thing about working in a place like this, you can be completely honest with everyone because it's a place you hide from the rest of the world. The funniest shit happens there everyday. The funniest people walk in every day.

But at some point it's too much. A business is a business. It has to grow or go down. And this one just didn't grow. I put all my heart and spent all my time working hard and trying to make it a better place( the salon had a bad reputation since it had opened so it was my job to clean it's image). I would find ideas, implement them, try new ideas, get new perspectives all of this trying to please my boss, the clients, the girls and then myself. My boss had told me many times that it was my salon. I got to make all the decisions. He was never around and put everything in my hands. It was great, but I don't like to run in circles. It had to get better or I don't. Wouldn't you want your business to grow? When you explain to people what the problem is, you tell them the answer and they do nothing, then I have no more power. I was sick of spending all my time on this place. Every night I would think about the next day. My day off and I would be thinking about the week to come. My week out of the country and I'm stressing out because one girl quit a day before I left and the girl I left in charge my cause trouble with the rest. It just becomes too much. The guys were really starting to disgust me too. Some of them are great people, but alot are just horrible. I couldn't stand talking with them on the phone and answering their stupid questions. I couldn't have them ring the doorbell anymore, only to walk in and then back out because 40$ was too expensive for them. It just turned me off from everything. So I quit. My boss told me many times that I should stop thinking of others and put myself first for once. He would tell me to stop freaking out when I was on the verge of tears and not stress, nothing was my fault.

I wanted to quit without any troubles. I knew this guy trusted me more than he's ever trusted any girl and I think he's been good to me. Sometimes. So I wanted it to end nicely. And it did. I was told I could come back if I wanted to and offered to go have a drink this week. But when the next day one of my girls calls me and tells me a whole bunch of bullshit made up by my boss, I lose it. I call him and tell him that I won't help him out with what he asked me and say I'd appreciate if he didn't lie to the girls about what happened. Right then he starts off again and lies straight to my face. I told him he lost me and not to ask me any more favours cause I'm done with him.

It's funny how people tell you to take care of yourself and do what's best for you and when you do, they turn on you, and get angry.

I feel so betrayed!! Arghh!!

Anyway, had to finish this one quick. I'm heading to the yacht club!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Some Pictures from Rawdon

Iwould never.

I don't like water so much (I can only do the doggy paddle, so I dip my feet in)

Audrey and her guy. They're back to boning.

Be Jealous. It was pretty sweet. And it's a secret.

Sunless day out in the sun

It's a beautiful night, but a little strange. I'm on the porch in the back, starry night, perfect temperature. The night is calm. I just got back from a run (well...more like a short run and then 45mins of fast walking.. I really can't do this unless I'm trying to catch a ball or running for my life) and I got lost. I know I just moved to this neighborhood but I still know it pretty well. And I didn't go far, or stray from what I knew, but I got lost. I just stopped, looked around, made a few steps in each direction to see if I would recognize something but I didn't. I went back they way I came (or so I thought...) and still nothing. Ashamedly enough, I had to use my Google maps app on my IPhone to find the way home... I felt so lost! Even following the path it gave me made no sense. I had left from the right, and arrived from the left. It made no sense. I still don't understand what happened.

A friend really close to my heart right now keeps on playing with my head. There are many things he does that I find not right, or just plain strange but yet I still feel pulled towards him. As I'm trying to find my way, I receive a text from him simply saying : Problem. I call him right away to find out what it is and also cause I was gonna call him anyway. I quit my job, cut my hair and thought I wanted to share that it was a great night for strolling in Westmount and these were all great reasons to give him a call. We call each other for the dumbest shit anyway all day long so have 3 subjects, 2 that are worth discussing, well that's just a plan for an awesome phone call. But he doesn't answer... I text: what's wrong? he says it's fine...I say I don't care and that he must call me anyway. He says" It's okay please. I ask where he is. He says "here but i can't text, it's too much." I say I know this which is why he should call me and stop sending mysterious texts and now I won't be able to sleep(again...grrreaattt...) He says don't be but I can't do this ttyl.

Like, wtf does that mean? Great way to make me nervous all night there bucko! Fuckin eh. I think he's one of the reasons for my not sleeping at night...I've got to stop him.

Anyway, today I wanted to go to the beach but Audrey made me drive her to Rawdon where the friends of our roommates go hangout on weekends. 2 hours, lots of traffic and no sun later, we got there. It actually was pretty fun.

Have you ever gotten lost somewhere close to home? Or have a friend that you are constantly aware of or worried about?

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Friday, July 16, 2010

Guy Incognito

At the salon where I work, we get tons of weird men coming(change coming to cumming and you got yourself a winner Caleb!) in on a daily basis. Today, I'll introduce you to one of them. Just for the irony of it I won't change his name. His name is Brian, and he's a freak show. Brian likes to wear denim on denim (very trendy right now, props for that!) and sports some classic 1998 Nike's. The ones that look like dinosaur teeth. Anyway. Brian comes in with his sunglasses, the ones they advertise on tv to give you HD vision, takes his shower with them, keeps them on, then walks out the door being completely invisible. So he thinks. He comes in, lets me know he injured his left leg a few days ago so I should let his hostess know to be careful with him. Okay Brian. Okay. On the way out Brian asks for a bag, so that he can dispose of his "stuff" himself. Wouldn't want to leave any traces Brian!... Oh! And, the door always has to be opened for Brian. He doesn't want his fingerprints on the door knob...

But we see you Brian. We know who you are! You can't hide from us. And yes, maybe we will go on a date with you if you take em off.

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WTF! OMGZ!!! TEEeeeHHhheee!!???

And it's off! The journey officially begins! To my 2 readers(including you Anonymous T ;) ) make sure to follow the Douche's deceitful and otherwise questionable journey through Caleb's blog.

Melancholy Boy

I don't read much anymore. Reading makes me not sleep, and I'm already not sleeping so I'd rather not aggravate my case. But there is one thing, or maybe one author's words that I can read and have done so repeatedly over the past years. He's no one famous, a kid, just like me, but man can he write. I'm just completely enchanted by his stories and I feel like he can put down on paper what I've been breaking my head to let out. It comes easy for him. He knows all the perfect words, it just flows straight out of him.

I used to be this guy's Myspace stalker when I was 16.

I was browsing one night, clicking from one person to one of their friends and so on until I found something interesting. He caught my eye right away. City: Montreal. Jet black hair, pale skin with rosy cheeks and a bottle of JD to his plump lips. The background to his Myspace page was taken right out of The Crow, but not the movie, the graphic novel (which is one of my favorite pieces out there). The song to his profile was a Final Fantasy song about one of my favorite bands (bonus points!!) and to this day, Final Fantasy or Owen Pallett now is probably my #1 musician. It was love at first browse for me. But I didn't want to "add him as a friend" because I felt dumb that I didn't know him or his friends and didn't want it to look like I was only trying to get 1 bijilion friends. So, I lurked in the cyberspace shadows.

About 2 years later I moved to Montreal and got a job in the city's biggest movie theatre. Well guess who also worked there? I recognized him right away. It was so strange to actually see him for real though. Taller than I originally thought. Good. Anyway, I never spoke directly to him, I was too shy and felt like I would have had to impress him, or maybe I felt like a creeper who knew everything about him. Plus, he quit about a week after I started working there.

One of my coworkers had a crush on me. Over there they hire groups of fresh "players" every 4 months or so, so the older employees love to see who the rookies are. I was the only girl, or only hot one I guess of my group. So this guy started liking me. An amazing guy, still my friend today. No, I've never dated him or anything. He kissed me on the mouth once when I was about to take the metro but that's it. One of this guy's best friend's was my beautiful melancholy boy. After I thought I had lost him, I found him again. It was too good to be true. One of his friends added me on Myspace too, cause I was scene and cute I guess, so that was another degree closer to him. I saw him alot at parties and shows but never really had a conversation with him. I stayed far away. I was really scared of him.

As the months were progressing from winter to spring and summer, I kept on reading. From what I could grasp, melancholy boy discovered cocaine. He lost it a bit, spiralled down and severed the ties with our mutual friend because of this. He changed his profile to private and so I had lost him.

About 6 or 7 months ago when I did have a Facebook account, I saw he commented on one of my friend's page so I checked out his page. Sure enough he's our of his rut and back to writing great material ( in my opinion). It made me happy just to know he was okay and that people could still enjoy reading his thoughts. I deleted my Facebook account so I lost him again.

Last week, driving in to work I saw a taller man, with a bit of scruff, some new tattoos, jet black hair and rosy cheeks maintaining the outside of a coffee shop. Could it be? I didn't get a great look at his face ( having to watch out for pedestrians, texting and eating a sandwich. Just kidding about the texting part. That shit's dangerous kids.) but it sure did look like him. Yesterday again, I drove in front and he was sitting in the sun with a coworker chatting away because no one was asking for coffee I guess...

Maybe next week I'll gather all my courage and go buy a 3,50$ cookie or something...

I found some of his stuff that I had printed out while unpacking my stuff. I'll be posting some of his stories every now and then.

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The Roommate Chronicles: Part 1


Having moved in with 3 roommates in a house that is "everyone's home", I think I will now be more of an observer to other people's lives than my own.

So back to yesterday... A few weeks ago, when Audrey moved in our house, she met one of the guy's buddies. They hit it off right away. It was extremely sudden. Like, BAM! We walked in the door and this guy just comes into the kitchen, looks at her and only her and then just bombards her with questions such as: Where do you come from? Do you practice Jiu Jitsu? cause I do. and where do you work?(to my surprise, she answered this one honestly. So she's uncovered both our secrets to this guy she had barely met 15 minutes ago. Can I trust her around my parents? I think not). Anyway, they were close all evening sitting on each other's laps and such and around 1:30 a.m. they were both nowhere to be found, with Audrey's bedroom door closed. It was all very quick. They then spent some time together up North, making out and holding hands publicly having sleepovers and eating breakfast together.

Yesterday, our roommate Paul called us to let us know that we were hosting again tonight. So all day I had to listen to Audrey gushing over her new man and how she couldn't wait to see him and fuck him and ride him, and "ugh, I'm so fucking horny right now" and other dirrty scenarios of the sort. She said she only cared about the sex. I didn't believe her though. She said that, no, she doesn't get attached so quickly, it's stupid. And I thought okay. I was like that once.

So a dozen people show up, meanwhile I'm losing my mind trying to build a 4 shelf shoe rack locked in my bedroom with the a/c on full blast( I figured it out on my own. Couldn't wait for a slow roommate. Too hot too sleep.. or build shoe racks). Then Audrey's boy shows up, all seems well. I'm in my bedroom but they come by a few times either to say hi, bring me a spicy rum and 7up or ask for my nail clipper and every time they're hooked on each other's arm, smiling, being a happy little couple. An hour and a half later, I've given up on my shoe rack( srsly, how hard is it to build a fkn shoe rack! I need a handyman in my life...) and try to setup my hooks on the wall. My door opens slowly as I'm marking the wall with my mascara(I don't know where I packed my markers...)and a sad face with big watery cat eyes pokes in. "What's wrong?" I say. She says nothing, looks to the ground, backs away and closes the door. I know what that means. So I go to find her. Not with the people like she normally is, so I go to her room, all dark, and find her on the edge of the bed with her drink in hand and tears running down her face. It really looked like we were part of a sitcom. I sit next to her and rub her thigh and ask her what's wrong again. She says nothing for a few minutes than says: " He told me what I didn't want to hear. He says he's a free bird." Then she starts spilling all of it in a deluge of slurs and tears. She tells me everything she told him and how he probably got "freaked out" cause it's too soon. At this point I realize there's only 1/8th of the rum bottle left and I've barely touched it. I tell her to stop drinking and she pulls away from me, leaves the room banging every single door in the place while shouting loud "fucks" intermittently. I follow her around, making sure she doesn't embarrass herself too much. There are lots of people out there and you don't want to be the new crazy roommate, so I try to keep her calm. She then goes outside and calls for me to join. Now I've been slaving away all night in my room so I don't know half the people there and as soon as a put a foot down on the deck she yells out that I've come out of my cave and everyone applauds. I don't get red when I'm shy, but it got a whole lot hotter where I was standing... We sit for 3 minutes and some guy comes over and starts talking to Audrey about her guy, but he has no idea about the free bird incident. So she starts sobbing again, in front of everyone, then makes to most noise a 5"4 girl can make all the way to the kitchen to get yet another drink. She then stumbles her way up the ladder to the roof so I follow her to make sure she doesn't do something stupid. Once on the roof, she stands really close to the edge just staring at her guy down on the deck and it's dead silence. The whole group is watching, and I'm a few steps back trying to hide cause I'm embarrassed but close enough to be able to catch her. She then goes on a rant about guys and commitment issues and all that stuff, still, while everyone is watching us from below. After a few minutes she stops and starts pacing on the roof. She talks about this one time when she jumped 5 stories and didn't even break a bone. She shouts everything, and is always close to the ledge. I start to get really nervous. She's an extremist this girl. She said she could jump. I say: I know, you did once.

The night goes on like this. At some point she ran away. I didn't bother to follow. She cried more, went back outside and ranted and dissed some more. I was tired, real tired, since that damn shoe rack situation so I went for a shower, got in my pj's and went to bed.

In the morning I found a dirty hooker in last night's makeup passed-out on the couch. I sat next to her, shook her leg, pulled the blanket off her head and she smiled.

"What happened last night?!"

p.s. When I stopped by on my way back home to get some rum, I got Audrey to mail the flask! It's coming Caleb!

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Never too old for a pajama party

So yesterday I moved to my new sweet home in a sweet neighborhood. It took a couple of hours, a few trips (I was only moving my bedroom but I own TONS of shoes and and 1 dirty pickup truck but we did it. It's definitely not as hot as last week but it's still very uncomfortable to sleep at night. I have an air conditioner but the window part had to be trimmed because it didn't fit. My handy roommate said he would fix it for me tomorrow but thinking I couldn't stand another night of no sleep and night sweats I forced Audrey(roommate/drunken strip club friend... see post 2) to have a pajama party with me in her icy bedroom. This girl can be pretty rough and hard to handle at times but she's surprising me more and more. She offered to let me sleep in her bed since she had "to wake up at 5 a.m. anyway, so it wasn't a big deal." I thought that she was nice enough to share her cold air with me and told her it was too much but thanks anyway. After 3 minutes of arguing she finally let me sleep on her floor.(spooning in her twin size bed was out of the question. It was cool in there but not that cool. ) SO we giggled in our underwear and pigtails for an our or so, then watched a movie until we dozed off.
I didn't sleep. Not until 5:30 when she left for work and I slipped in her bed. I didn't get much rest but at least I didn't wake up drenched for once! (maybe this means I don't have HIV or Lymphoma..! I always google my symptoms when I'm sick and it can be pretty scary at times). So overall it was a good night. The floor was okay, the air perfect and I got some dry rest. Other then being Icked-out but a charging spider, it went well.

This morning I woke up with the house to myself. It was great. The bright sun was shinning, all the windows were open and a great breeze was rolling in. I was so peaceful and bright. Such an upgrade from living in a basement! I think this one will be good for a bit.

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Heat Stroke: Day 4

Well, it's been just paine(mistake on purpose) too hot here up North. Up to 45 on some days. I can't take extreme heat or cold. We have 2 a/c's at the salon but the air does not flow to my working area. I'm also surrounded by 2 computers and monitors, my laptop and an extremely hot lamp. It's so hot it could probably hatch some baby birds. Anyway... umm. Ya so on one of those ho days I started to get fever, then horrible headaches, dizziness and nausea. How wonderful! I haven't been sleeping for days so one day I spotted a strange bottle in the bathroom that read " Relaxants, helps sleeping disorders". I don't know. One of those herbal medicine cures. So I took 2 pills and then read the ingredients.

I just had catnip! So fun.

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This is really great

I've been watching this for weeks now. It's always stuck in my head when I wake up in the morning. What a great way to start the day!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Hhmm...What have I been up to...?

lots I guess. Didn't even think about posting some of the funny things that might have happened in the past few weeks so I'll try to remember the most important.
Where to start....
I woke up one day with a little itchy red spot on my arm. 3 days later, it was the size of half a baseball and made my whole arm numb. Excruciating it was, yes. (Yoda?) Called myself in sick at work (basically called the girls and told them to hold the fort down for me). I waited approx. 3 hours at the hospital to be told that physician's are not "spider specialists" and they didn't know what to do except give me a shot, some antibiotics and have me do a blood test for malaria? I'm all good now though.
Also, I found out my roommate still has a bit of a drinking problem. Which I thought I'd be okay with but I'm not. It's not fun and I don't want to be asked for money constantly. I'm a bit spineless so getting money from me is too easy, which is bad... for me. It's sorta depressing but I'm moving to an amazing house in a great neighborhood with a sweet deck perfect for bbq parties and roof access. The funny thing is, I'm moving with my friend from post #2! The one that dragged me to a stripclub... remember? I know it sounds like a bad idea, but I think it will be fun. There are other roommates there, older ones and more mature so I think it could work. Plus, did I mention the sweet deck puurrrfect for bbq parties?
The sexy beast appearing in the picture above might be my new toy soon. It's an '84 yellow moped. What more could you ask for? It goes up to 55 mph, has 2 gears and only one mirror (the other one is optional, according to it's current owner. You don't need it, but you can add it if you want.). It's probably the sweetest ride out there. 2 bucks fills it up for like a month or so. I had a blast riding it and I might have to sell the car I'm currently driving so why not spend the remaining months of summer parading down the streets of Montreal in a bike that's older than me? Should I place an offer?
New favorite activity: Car Bar. Get Belvedere Vodka, Fuse orange juice and some ice at the dep, bring 2 poolside plastic cups from home and grab a friend who's reliable cruising behind the wheel while a little buzzed and voila! Most fun ever. And then end up talking about your hate for owls and how they are everywhere but no one really knows...
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