Thursday, June 3, 2010

This time is the last time.

I've never lost so much in so little time. One second you have a familly, love and stability and the next it's all gone. We held eachother for what seemed like forever in the craddle position we "invented" 2 summers ago. We stay like this in a bedroom that was once our sanctuary. At every kiss, I can't hold back the tears and begin crying all over again. I always knew how lucky I was. I hate myself for knowing I'm not taking anything for granted but not being able to love more. The way he does.

"This is nothing."

" You're right. It's nothing at all."

Just don't think about it and you'll be fine.

I had to leave, was late for work. I wanted to stay in that driveway forever but the longer I stayed the harder it got. And I couldn't keep crying, I had to stop. So just like ripping off a bandaid, I said a quick "Goodbye.", hoped in the car and left it all.

The death of something means the birth of something new.
I hope my new life is as good as the last one.

Have you ever lost so much in so little time?

Currently listening to Mae, This Time is the Last Time

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