Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Found it!

I warned you. It's juvenile, full of mistakes and sometimes you can tell that I'm Francophone.

The Odd Crowd (the introduction)

On an island lived 7 kids. Orphans, each and everyone of them. They didn't have many things in common, in fact they were all very different, but one thing had brought them together, here, on this island. Nobody knew for sure. The want for something more? A curious mind? Exclusion? It didn’t matter, since they never wondered out loud. The first boy to arrive on the island was Romeo, the boy who was always ablaze. He felt ongoing agony. You would too if your flesh was burning forever. He would purposely get into fights with others just to distract his mind else and forget some of his pain. Apart from his strange, non sensical actions he was one of the wisest and most caring of the bunch. Probably the best hopeless romantic ever too. He held a grand fiery passion for everything. His fire could not be extinguished.

Then there was Jade. She was the stone carving of a girl. She had lost all her colours except for the mundane grey of a chiselled boulder and the green of her eyes. Every now and then, a hint of glimmer could be spotted in her eyes but, never could we be sure it was really there. Maybe a travelling sunshine’s ray was only reflecting on a sharp surface of her carved face and gave the illusion of a faint twinkle… Never would she speak a word which made it hard for others to understand her sometimes. They had named her Jade because of the only color she wore, or perhaps because she was jaded. The kids said she had never loved because her heart was also made of stone. Romeo was happy the day Jade arrived as he would never be lonely again. He could get close to Jade and not be afraid of burning her, which was a nice change. Some days, the two friends would go off on the mountain and Jade would build a house of clay or carve a statue of wood and lovingly watch Romeo destroy and burn down her creation with true passion.

Then along came Baby, the sunshine princess. She had golden brown hair with streaks the colour of her rays and eyes of the deepest blue, much like the colour of those rare blue butterflies. Her eyes were rarely seen since her rays were so strong and she would blind others. Jade thought her eyes reflected the glittering sea surrounding the island and past innocence she had once seen. Baby would light up any room she would step in. Most of the time, she walked around with her hands covering her eyes to protect them from her own blinding light. This got her in a lot of trouble as she wouldn't realize most things she would get herself into. Because of that she needed constant reassuring and opinions. Baby was beautiful and simple. She was everyone’s little cherie.

Lucky was the cat boy. He was vicious most of the time and scratched anything or anyone within claws reach. He pretended to be independent but showed affection on some rare occasions. Jade and Lucky fought a lot but it was never to hurt each other really. They had come from the same place and understood each other in some ways even though they had never told one and other. Jade could touch him. He would allow it, because she had tamed him. At some point Princess Sunshine had trained him too but will get to that some other time.

There was also the little witch. She had crawled in a bubble because someone had told her when she was young that life was better in there. Obviously, a few hours later, she wanted out but the bubble had been built a certain way that you could only get in and never out. She longed for human contact. No one wanted to get in her bubble, afraid that she would place a curse on them if they got too close. She was a witch after all. Aren’t curses what witches do best everyone thought? So she would get even more frustrated which made the others fear her even more. It was a big vicious circle, a bubble of problems. The little witch might seem horrible, and she was most of the time, but the group would not be complete without her.

Romeo wasn’t afraid to get near the little witch either as she was protected from his scorching flames. This is probably the only good thing about the witch’s bubble. This made them close friends. Romeo and the little witch would spend hours discussing past memories and upcoming events while Jade carefully listened. Together, they painted the prettiest pictures and made up the nicest dreams.

Sixth was Scream, the joker. He never wore a shirt. Said it would hinder his perfect ability to move swiftly around space. He had many scars of past battles with lions and snakes. He had a tall, slim body with broad shoulders. Only skin, bones and a mask. He would never take it off. He hid his face as well as his feelings behind it. He always said he was fine but the others knew that the smile on his mask meant nothing at all. Scream was deeply in love with sweet little lady.

She was a small porcelain doll with perfect pale poreclain skin. Cold blood red lips had been painted on her face and long, soft eyelashes dressed up her big dark eyes. Long, heavy, strawberry blonde hair would cascade down her shoulders like silk. She seemed to be the sweetest thing ever created but it was all games. Because dolls are meant to be played with. Only this time it was the other way around. She made people cry. Scream secretly loved dearly sweet little lady. He overlooked the fact she was two faced and manipulated people like clay as he had seen her do so with many other boys. He hid his true feelings behind his fake smile (not that he could get rid of it as it was painted on his mask).

So this is it. The odd crowd.

One day appart from eachother felt like two weeks without water.


  1. Cool!

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    "He never wore a shirt. Said it would hinder his perfect ability to move swiftly around space."

    I'm probably going to use that one.

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