Sunday, October 10, 2010

Zombie March

I had my first meeting with designers Filthy Haanz last Friday. It was sick! We went to the studio, got to meet the guys (super chill, very chill, a bit too chill really), learn about the brand and get some gear. My internship is with Fashion 4 Freedom and our ultimate goal is to produce a huge fashion show to raise money for an organisation but along the way, we help local brands get some exposure. Filthy is one of those and I've been named account manager for them. The philosophy behind the name is great; getting your hands dirty and creating something. This is more of a lifestyle brand (the pieces being very simple and mostly casual (for now)) than a style brand. It's all good though, eating healthy, expressing yourself, diversity, etc... but this is what makes promoting these guys a bit of a challenge. People will be interested in the message, but actually spending some hard earned cash on them is another story. Without trying to dictate how they should change certain things about their label, we have to succeed in getting these guys known outside of their circle. For this, one of our tasks is too think of a publicity stunt to create a bit of buzz.

We are producing a fashion show for them on the 29th of October. Being close to Halloween and our theme being something like "Freaky Filthy" I got an idea.

What about getting the street team dressed up as zombies, wearing the gear all ragged up, bloody and pealing, limping around Montreal's hottest spots holding some sort of sign, handing out bait cards promoting the name and the show happening at the end of the month? Does this sound kindof fun and somewhat original? Do YOU have any COOL ideas?

Plus what kind of music should we play at the show? I was thinking along the lines of Witch House which is like the new cool genre right now and perfect for Halloween. One of the girls said something about Iron Maiden. Not so down with that idea...

My favorite witch house song right now:

Currently listening to Salem, Trapdoor


  1. "(super chill, very chill, a bit too chill really)"

    Epic sentence. Nice work!

    Love the zombie idea- have people bring their own paints and stuff too so that strangers- if they want- can "zombie-fy" and join in for a while!

    And I think "thriller" by Michael Jackson would be appropriate. And maybe some Christina Aguilara. (she's freakin' hot.)

  2. Thriller is already on the list. I'm afraid it has been overused for every single Halloween themed anything here in Mtl last year. But we have a pretty sweet idea of a little interaction our models could do on the runway to this song.

    Christina Aguilera? She is hot. But which song are you thinking of? Or you just want her music cause shes hot.