Thursday, October 7, 2010

October's got those orange eyes...

I love fall. So much. To me, fall is like new years. To me, fall is when everything begins.

I was doing my hair and makeup, listening to music with msn on. I'm always interested in what people are listening to so I pay close attention to my friends who turn on their "what I'm listening to" on msn. Between applying blush and combing my hair, I kept a close eye on one of my friend's playlist because he always seems to listen to cool new stuff.

Marcus Foster - Circle in the Square

City & Colour - What Makes a Man


I opened a chat window and said: "Feeling acoustic today?"

"Ya, folk really. Fall does that to me."

I agreed with him immediately as I had been listening to Oasis, Mumford & Sons and Right Away, Great Captain all morning. There are just so many things to look forward to (for me anyway) in fall.

- Folk/acoustic music as per my post.
-Apple picking and dreaming of having an orchard one day
- Baking sick apple pie and apple dumplings with the 60lbs of apples you just picked
- Pumpkin everything! Pies, bread, carving, etc
-HALLOWEEN (being allowed to be a complete freak and/or being something you always wanted to be. I love dress up)
-Foggy afternoons (love the mood it sets, makes great pictures too. Everything becomes mysterious, even a simple park, what an adventure!)
-Finally getting home after that foggy afternoon out in a mysterious park and putting on your new cosy slippers.
-All the best bands/artists seem to come to Montreal. Last year was epic in shows. I saw all but one band that were on my list of bands to see before I die (which are not already dead or no longer a band)
-Going on a walk one weekend and then taking that same walk the next week, but all the colours have changed.
-The smell of fallen leaves
-Helping my Grandpa rake the fallen leaves
-Layering your clothes, finally getting to wear that sweet hat and brand new old scarf you just got at the vintage shop.
-School starts, being motivated to work and study as hard as you can
-Being content with the awesome summer you just had
-Start to plan vacations, trips and the upcoming summer

My mom and I have started buying lottery tickets so that we could buy an orchard. We'd make our own cheese, have a few chickens, maybe 3 dogs, 2 horses and make cider and bake apple pies.

What are you dressing up as for Halloween? Or what's the best costume you've had? Favorite Autumn memory or thing to look forward to?

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  1. Hippie.

    One time I went to a Halloween party as my roommate (The Nerv). It was hilarious! Well, for everyone but him, anyway. I'll see if I can find a pic!

    PS I love fall too!