Sunday, October 10, 2010


I recently re-opened my Facebook + another "whore" account to help me get a hold of people and promote the launch parties, fashions shows and fundraisers I am working on. I'm still not okay with FB. I don't like it. I realise how much attention people need to be content and it bothers me tons. But anyway, I've managed to already find a few people that could be of great help to my new work. I've also started talking with some old friends again and have seen a few of them already. My girl gang from 2001 is now back together. Which is great. Good girls are hard to find, but these ones, no matter how long we are apart, are still always there, and the same. Maybe even a bit better.

I have this friend. She's so lovable. But lovable in the way that sometimes you find yourself saying : "oh sweetie..." in a sort of condescending way. She seems very naive and bubbly, and blond, but every now and then she says these extremely deep and mature things that just blow me away.

When I was younger, I had started working on a story, using my friends as the characters. I gave them strange names, out of this world looks and sometimes special powers. All of these things to amplify how they were in real life, kind of like a caricature. My lovable friend was named Princess Sunshine, for a few reasons. Maybe if I can find the story again, I'll post it.

She was telling me how when she was the happiest was when we were hanging out with that group of friends. How we would go out, playing the snow, fight, come back inside, play video games and not worry about anything coming up the next day. (seriously not worrying about anything, none of us were really in school or had jobs). This is why I had started that story back then. I thought it was great that we were all from different places and somehow ended up all together, kind of in the same situation, all angry inside or missing something. It was epic because we all needed to get the anger out, so we would fight (fight for real) with each other, and this way we helped each other. It was something we all needed. To belong with a group and express how we wanted.

I'll look for the story.. it has to be somewhere on this computer..! If only I remembered my Myspace password!

P.s. Went back home yesterday and saw my Christmas present! So exciting! When I was younger I didn't always get Christmas gifts and I still don't get them every year but recently (the last 5 years) my mom has been killing it! Good job mom!


  1. 1. Post your story! Would love to read it
    2. Your friend looks cute! Tell her I'm an asshole and to stay away
    3. Was your present a guy playing guitar?
    4. Learn to love Facebook. It's YOUR page and you choose how often you post and what you post when you do. Use it for what you want, and screw the rest.

    Caleb out.

  2. 1. Looking for it. It's pretty shitty though.
    2. She is cute. I def will.
    3. No that's my bud. He's "Romeo" from my story. Used to teach me how to play guitar. My Christmas gift is a violin ^_^
    4. Ya but I don't get to chose how often other people post, and that's the annoying part.