Thursday, June 10, 2010

The " Dooootchbag" Flask

For you Caleb.


  1. Ha! I'm going to need you to send me that flask via overnight mail. It looks a bit battle-weary: you been putting it to good use?

    If you send it to me, I'll take pictures of me filling it, drinking/sharing it with others, and promise to get into shenanigans. Then I'll send it back!

    Might even get me laid, right? Chicks love douchebags (I read that in a magazine once)

  2. What a wonderful idea! Let me get it used up a bit more here first ( I need to bring it to work one day, just to get it baptised in Montreal. Will do that tomorrow.). It will start it's journey here, then off to you and wherever it's destined to go after that..!

    yes you're right. I have a book called hot chicks with douchebags. The girls are very hot and the boys, yes, XxXtremely douchey. I'll get a picure of that too!

  3. Where's my flask?!


    PS the following comment was written about me today:

    "Whoa, douchebag commenter just wrote "lighten up pussycat," in his laetest comment. He's in the wrong & told me 2 "lighten up." Prick"

    Success! She's the one that posted something on my latest entry. Obviously not a Cubs fan!

    Did you break the flask in last night? I could have used it- I had a bit of an adventure!

    Behave yourself.

  4. Um... weird night.

    First, I'm drinking with a friend who literally has to climb out his bedroom window and escape every time he wants to go to the bar (sad, I know). We're outside on a bench and I think I spot my dad by his truck so I yell "Hey Gay Dad!"

    Wasn't my dad. It WAS however a very chubby and drunk guy that came over and tried to fight us. The bartender was outside yelling at him to leave and etc., but he was marching around the street cussing and tripping a lot.

    Then, we rounded up a carful to drive (130mph) to a nearby bar because I had a scout report that there was a potential cougar there for me. Turns out there was, but she had already found her prey for the evening and he was tougher than me.

    Shots, dancing, me singing "Ice Ice Baby" for karaoke and then we headed back. Halfway on the drive home my buddy hassled me into letting him drive me car home fast while a little (kinda simple) redhead friend was trying not to puke.

    Then, back at my house, redhead's ex came up on a BICYCLE to 'call out' the chick that the redhead is currently seeing (read: fucking). I defused that and then had my friend break into the gas station to fetch me cigarettes.

    Pretty standard night, really. Wish I'd a had a cool new flask though!

    Whatr your plans for breaking that rascal in up north, eh? Get my email?