Saturday, June 5, 2010

I know, I know. This won't be the last post today either

For a few months now we've been trying to find what makes the salon busy. At first we thought it was the weather. Clients would constantly walk in and out on the nicer days. But then one week, it was the complete opposite. Sometimes we think that the hockey games are bad business cause everyone is at the Bell center or glued to their TV cheering for the Canadians. But then one hockey night we get our bulk of clients at the exact time we might have scored.

Right now, it's dead. There isn't much going on. And I look at the girls, sprawled out on the couches or sleeping on the futon in the back. I'm thinking, the clients might be doing the same thing at home right now. I start to think that maybe there is no specific reason or correlation with weather that affects business. Maybe society is like one big person. Happy and ready to go out on one day and then asleep in a dark corner not wanting to get up on the next.

I'll stop trying to figure it out and just watch my girls and assume the rest of the world feels the same.
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