Monday, June 14, 2010


I recently moved in with one of my friends. He's not the messiest guy but not the cleanest either. Something I new about him is that bad smells bother him so I was surprised when I kept on smelling something weird every time I went to the kitchen. I discovered the problem, sitting right there next to the pots and pans. These potatoes were trying to morph as one and become a human head... hair and all


  1. Um, yeah.

    And why are they in a torn paper sack? What the heck is going on in that house!?


  2. Douchebag is not here yet, which means he is going to miss out on this evening's Guinness/Scrabble adventure. For shame.

  3. This is where that China dude could have come in handy. You could have pointed at the potato and said, "Make me some French fries, B$%^&&!" =)

  4. Be patient kitty kat! Shit's been off the hook for a few weeks now, life's tuff!

    ha! mmm french fried potatoe heads, sounds delish