Sunday, June 13, 2010

The Flask: A Journey Around the World?

Okay so here's an idea. I have this flask and Caleb had a great idea to follow and document it's perilous quest through taboo nights and endless shenanigans. I used it one last time last night before sending it off to it's biggest journey yet tomorrow. Hopefully it will come your way and you can party like it's your birthday. Douches Wild!

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  1. Oh, I've got plans for that flask. Can't wait! I'm thinking ballsacks, mechanical bulls, and drag shows for a start. We'll see!

    Tell that guy his tattoo is pretty sweet, too. Wait- I don't like the look of that sentence. Too much 'too'. Rephrase:

    Tell that guy his tattoo is pretty sweet, also.

    Hmm. A little better. Let me work on that.

  2. That is the luckiest flask ever! =)

  3. maybe it could be sent to you after Caleb's done with it!