Friday, July 9, 2010

Hhmm...What have I been up to...?

lots I guess. Didn't even think about posting some of the funny things that might have happened in the past few weeks so I'll try to remember the most important.
Where to start....
I woke up one day with a little itchy red spot on my arm. 3 days later, it was the size of half a baseball and made my whole arm numb. Excruciating it was, yes. (Yoda?) Called myself in sick at work (basically called the girls and told them to hold the fort down for me). I waited approx. 3 hours at the hospital to be told that physician's are not "spider specialists" and they didn't know what to do except give me a shot, some antibiotics and have me do a blood test for malaria? I'm all good now though.
Also, I found out my roommate still has a bit of a drinking problem. Which I thought I'd be okay with but I'm not. It's not fun and I don't want to be asked for money constantly. I'm a bit spineless so getting money from me is too easy, which is bad... for me. It's sorta depressing but I'm moving to an amazing house in a great neighborhood with a sweet deck perfect for bbq parties and roof access. The funny thing is, I'm moving with my friend from post #2! The one that dragged me to a stripclub... remember? I know it sounds like a bad idea, but I think it will be fun. There are other roommates there, older ones and more mature so I think it could work. Plus, did I mention the sweet deck puurrrfect for bbq parties?
The sexy beast appearing in the picture above might be my new toy soon. It's an '84 yellow moped. What more could you ask for? It goes up to 55 mph, has 2 gears and only one mirror (the other one is optional, according to it's current owner. You don't need it, but you can add it if you want.). It's probably the sweetest ride out there. 2 bucks fills it up for like a month or so. I had a blast riding it and I might have to sell the car I'm currently driving so why not spend the remaining months of summer parading down the streets of Montreal in a bike that's older than me? Should I place an offer?
New favorite activity: Car Bar. Get Belvedere Vodka, Fuse orange juice and some ice at the dep, bring 2 poolside plastic cups from home and grab a friend who's reliable cruising behind the wheel while a little buzzed and voila! Most fun ever. And then end up talking about your hate for owls and how they are everywhere but no one really knows...
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  1. Welcome back, Princess Stone Fox! I missed you and your blog completely. That is indeed a sexy yellow beast of a moped.

    I wish you the best of luck in regards to roommates and even spider bites. Admiring from a distance…me.

  2. Serious? You riding that moped around to the strip clubs with crazy girl is actually an idea you're thinking about going ahead with??


    What's wrong with owls?

    Glad you're alive.

    you= send me flask!