Thursday, August 12, 2010

Magic Herbs, 90's Boy Bands & Big Berries

My best friend's a freak. It's pretty amusing because she's gorgeous and her looks don't project her personality at all. Which sometimes leaves guys dumbfounded... or scared. We met up yesterday and she had rolled us a spliff of "Damiane". I usually don't smoke but I just had to give this a try. Apparently my best friend wants to become a herbalist (with a degree in psychology) and "Damiane" makes you incredibly horny. So I took us to a park where we smoked the poor sucker. 2 guys took the picnic table next to us and toked a regular joint. They kept on laughing being amazed that we had the same idea they did. We left the parc and handed them one of the joints. I wonder if they started to turn each other on by then end of the evening, cause we definitely felt it.

Anyway, our favorite words that evening were:

King Pin - meaning something very cool as in " I met a guy called Nicolas and he's going to Bicolline next weekend. His costume is King Pin." ( translate this to French and say King Pin while trying to pretend to be good at English. Also, Bicolline is an amazing LARP event a couple of hours away from my home. Another thing I'll be missing this year. Perhaps next year the stars will align. What should I go as? A dark mage? A viking valkyrie? Or an archer elf? Check out some of the picture, the costumes are nuts.


Madgepodgepres (which is really Map-o-spread but said by a drunken Frenchie) I don't even know how this word came so frequently in our conversation.

So the night was fine. We hung out at our usual spot, which if you guys ever come to Montreal have to swing by. One of our friends owns it. It's one of the top places in MTL. When I say top I don't mean best douchebag hangout with the latest from Tiesto booming from the speakers. I mean the drinks are great, the crowd is usually pretty chill, the bar looks good, they make THE BEST Grill-Cheeses and Mac & Cheese AND the music is amazing. We like to play a game where whoever as the most songs played a the bar in their Ipod wins. Wins what? Probably dignity.

We like to sit at the bar to chat with the staff. Normally we're deeply in a conversation about psychoanalysis, what's new in music or just ripping every scenester in the place. We go there cause we're comfortable and we have things to tell each other, not to give out numbers. At some point between exchanging burnt cds and dishing out the latest boy talk, 2 guys sat next to us and it was just way too obvious that they would hit. So they did. About 6 times. All Jameson shots. Don't like that, tastes like peroxide. I had one then tossed the rest under my seat every time. My gf was piss drunk by 11:30 and was trying to figure out why the dude at the end of the bar was unhappy. She told me to entertain Janny(the Italian one) while she would take Nick Lachey outside to try and "figure him out". I don't remember his name and call him Nick Lachey because he really did look like her was part of 98degrees. Remember them? I certainly do. The Hit List was my favorite thing to watch on Friday nights. Anyway, I ended up drawing on a napkin and kind of ignoring Janny. He bugged me right from the beginning and lives in a neighborhood I don't like. I'm West Side, he's North-East. Bleh.

Saw "Despicable Me" today with the siblings. It was okay. I thought it would be a bit funnier though. But get this, at some point Steve Carell's character says to his 3 young daughters "I'll stuff you all in the crust!"


I can only imagine him reading the script and saying: " really want me to say "I'll - Stuff - You - All - In - The - Crust? Really? ya okay then...""

I LOLed in the theatre. My 7 year old sister asked me what was so funny? I said you're too young.

Tomorrow I take the plane for the first time on my own. That'll be funny.

Eee.. I just put this one up 'cause "have you seen the size of these blackberries!"
Not normal. But tasty. Very tasty.

The crazy one with a shot of Nick in the back.

Looks gross? Probably. But you've never had it. I don't like pickles
but I eat these ones.

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  1. OMG.

    Why did you just make me paw through 500 photos of professional LARPers. What have you done?

    Look, I'm nerdy and all. I know what hit points, armor class, and a THACO score mean. I can tell you roughly what sort of party you would need to defeat a red dragon.

    That being said, I could never, ever, be caught at such an event. I'm not saying it doesn't look fun- and there's even a few cuties in there- but if a single photo of me with a small wooden sword and a green cap, arguing with some dickweed about whose sword "really has a +2 enchantment" on it surfaced, my reputation would be forever ruined.

    That being said, send me some of that weed!