Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Damiane, Broken Fox Tails divided to bring people together and Grumpy's

Last night my best friend and I had a few drinks at the Dominion Square Tavern. It's owned by our same friend who owns the Baldwin Barmacie which is our favorite hangout spot in the whole wide world so we were expecting nothing but the best from this new (old) tavern. He pulled it off amazingly. The pub is right out of the 1920's. We had our friend give us the approximate year of every single chandelier, cigar sign, tile on the floor and photograph decorating the room. It was like going back in time. And the food smelled delicious. We met all the staff, an amazing bunch of hard working little people in white blouses and got to sample some new up and coming drinks. My personal favorite was the "Canuck": rye, fresh lemon juice, maple syrup and some other thing that starts with a-m-b I think.

My best friend got me a tiger's eye/griffon's eye stone, to protect me from evil spirits of course that I'll safely carry in my purse or pockets at all times. I love that she always gets 2 of everything as to involve me in all her black magic. She then stroked my fox tail so hard that she broke it in two, so we each kept a piece. Later we found ourselves tearing it in 3 to share with our new friend Hubert the cook, who later asked for my number. Actually his buddy asked me for him but it was okay. Later I was forced to roll a Damiane joint because our new friends wanted to experience it's effects since my best friend convinced them so well with her pretty blue eyes. Now when did I become a master at rolling joints? In public? I have no idea. I don't even really know how, but I did it.

Got back inside, had a little guy sitting behind us come and join us at the bar for a strange conversation. Turns out he produced a musical horror film. I wasn't sure he was telling the truth but then again I don't think he believed me when I said I was a native and that's why I had feathers in my hair and the I carried a fox tail with me, because they were my totem spirit animals, duh. So I gave him my email so that he could send me the preview to his movie since apparently he would have it's world premier at the Toronto Film Festival. Well this morning I woke up to an email with a link to this:

It was really true and looks kind of interesting! I had never heard of a musical horror film. Have you?

Left the Dominion around 1 with a few new friends and decided to find a hidden little jewel. Well that jewel was called Grumpy's. Hidden in a basement and greeting us with the scariest wood carving of a gnome that I did not take a picture of possibly cause I was too drunk or frightened, was a small, cosy little dingy bar with a band playing and people singing along. The singer had the greatest stache in the world, he was missing one of his front tooth and had a wolf printed on the back of his waxed denim jacket. Obviously I went to him, commented on his sweet jacket then proceeded to show him the wolf engraving on my wallet. He said it was a cool wallet. That made my night.


  1. Are you smoking inside?

    And is that denim?

  2. no I'm drinking

    and yes, I wear sleevless denim jackets over my hoodies.

    I've been called a bum many times. I think my sleevless denim jacket is what made it obvious that I should be the one rolling.