Monday, August 9, 2010

Started Stalking Again...

Stopped by Java U where I think I saw Melancholy Boy working a few weeks back. We were driving by when Audrey proposed that I should go have a look.I thought I had put my stalker years behind but she revived it in me. We stepped in and no, no Melancholy Boy. I didn't think he would be there. Sunday just seems like a day that he wouldn't make himself available for work. Anyway, he wasn't there, but this was:

Isn't this hilarious? You can't really tell from this picture but more coins filled the "Yes" mug.
I don't know much about Haiti or Presidency so it's hard for me to have an opinion on this. I think it's a good thing to have an entertainer get involved in politics because it appeals more to the youth and may help move things around a bit. I'm not sure though, that a guy who had a song with The Rock should be president. But, the song does have a strong message. No body cares how much money you got if you keep it all to yourself.
So if you have money, I'll be glad to send you my account information in order for you to get my attention and dedicated caring. " 'Cause if you ain't sharin, people ain't carin . "
Remember that.
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  1. Way to twist a political message into beggary! Also, what's up with the 4 blank postings after this with just the title? Learn to blog, woman.

  2. Haha I know!

    This was a hard one.

  3. Everyone needs a hobby but I am not sure "stalking" is the most positive one you could find. ha ha

    I would think the Princess Stone Fox charity fund would be a more worthy endeavor than a coffee cup poll over a rendering done with a Bic pen. This does show talent and creativity so I might have out a quarter in each for the effort.