Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Not much going on today, but tons this month.

I went downtown to shop a bit today. On the way there I got hit on twice in less than 5 mins. I started laughing to myself hysterically after the second one. It's always the same thing "Hey, I like your tattoos!" Shut it you Ed Hardy lover, fake Lacoste Polo wearing jerk. No, you don't like my tattoos and I definitely didn't get them for you to hit on me or have a conversation about their meaning with strangers (unless you're uber hot or you play the violin very well). On my way back, some Mormons or Jehovah's witnesses or whoever it is that tries to convert you to their shit, were doing their usual business. Listen boys, when a girl has headphones plugged in her ears, tapping her fingers and feet to what she's listening to and staring at the floor or at nothing being deeply in thought, it's not the right time to come and try to impress. You can clearly see that I'm busy so don't bother trying. It already pisses me off enough that I have to pretend that I can't hear you because my headphones are in, so don't make me take them out.

It was nice and hot this morning when I left so I wore my white dress. On the way back home it got really grey and windy so I treated everyone (unintentionally) to a Marilyn Monroe white dress flutter. Mine probably showed a bit more skin though. Oops. Do not fear though, I never leave the house without any knickers (one of my favorite words) unless I'm going to a party that calls for it. At my old salon there was a Marilyn/Audrey theme going and I used to ask some of the clients who they preferred. I've always liked Audrey Hepburn more. She looks smarter.

So tons of stuff happening this month. Taking my younger siblings to see Despicable Me on Thursday, leaving for Illinois on Friday, coming back a few days later, then it's off the hospital, a few days of getting better, then cooking ( I don't know how I'm gonna do it) up a storm for my mom's wedding shower, attending and hosting my mom's wedding shower, leaving for Toronto for a few days, then coming back for the wedding, then finally leaving for England. Ouf! I'm gonna miss the anime convention and Warpaint though... oh well.

Hanging out with my best friend tonight. Can't wait to see her, it's been too long. It's always fun with her. It's like when we're together we have this crazy energy that attracts cool/weird things. We can usually plan our night before it happens. She thinks it's telekinesis, I say it's synchronicity. We'll probably go to our usual spot or maybe somewhere we've never been. She's been writing down magic potions in a leather notebook I got for her in Turkey. Can't wait to see what this is about.

Currently listening to Cudi Zone, Kid Cudi


  1. Several things:

    1. Audrey Hepburn. They don't make ladies like that anymore.

    2. Synchronicity. Great word, great meaning, and Carl Jung is the shit.

    3. Flask. My brother overheard someone talking yesterday about putting Douchebag up on Craigslist as a joke. Probably in response to me constantly making fake profiles for them.

    4. Illinois?? You know that's where I'm at, right?

    5. Violins are for baby girls. Trumpets blew down the walls of Jericho if you recall.

    Caleb out.

  2. 1. Absolutely true.

    2. You would get along with my best friend, if you 2 could communicate. Jung earns you extra points.

    3. Is this a good thing?

    4. I thought you were in Iowa?

    5. Like trumpets, they're pretty royal. But violins are just my thing. What should I listen to expand my trumpet knowledge?

  3. 1. I know, right? I'm also a big Greer Garson fan- check her out!

    2. If we could communicate? Est-elle un orateur fran├žais?

    3. Yes- it gives me hope that someone took it purposefully, and that I'll get it back.

    4. Iowa/Illinois border

    5. It all started (not really, but really) with Louis Armstrong, so that's always a good place to start.