Thursday, August 19, 2010

Things are improving

Back to business.

All is good. Healing well. Nothing but a soar throat and a little pain. I'm good as long as I've got Advil in my system.

Just got back from the States. Zipped through the airport like a champ. I almost lost my shit at check-in just because I'm like that. Anxiety and all. But then I took a few deep breaths and focused on the studying I did the last 2 times I took the plane. In 20 mins I was in, comfy on a chair facing the window, reading my book. I impressed me.

Illinois was pretty lame. I got to see J and the dogs, which was great. I missed them so much. I wasn't sure they'd remember me but by the end of my trip, I was positive they did. Hungout for a day in Chicago, it was okay. Alot like Montreal. I know I always say I can't wait to leave this place but if I had to chose, Montreal would win.We saw Scott Pilgrim Vs the World too. It was so good! I hadn't had that much fun in a while. Loved all the Zelda references and even got the Death Note reference to Misa. I was proud. Speaking of anime, we decided to start over Full Metal Alchemist that night. One of the best shows out there. While we were enjoying the show, my dogs decided they would enjoy J's joint. He went to light it then couldn't find it where he had left it, in the ashtray. We then flipped over the whole apartment looking for it and nada. We both looked at Mr.Waffles (yes that's his real name) and J jumped on him to hold him still while I smelled is little doggy breath. Yup, smelled like Marijuana alright. So I put my finger down his throat trying to make him puke up the little sucker. He just wouldn't let go of that thing. So we waited in fear. Pan has eaten pot twice already so we knew what to expect. A drunk looking dog with a very slow (see almost nonexistent) heartbeat followed by a 500$ vet bill. We decided to skip the vet bill this time. About 20 mins later he started to get the shakes. The next 6 hours was us trying to keep him awake every time he closed his eyes. Oh, and about an hour later, Pan got high too. She just couldn't let Mr.Waffles party alone, could she? The morning came and they were still a bit stoned, but fine. FU vets!

My relationship has been getting better with Siwy (or is it Suwy? I call her Seaweed) my roommate's dog. The first night I met her she bit me. And then she tried to bite me about 5 other times. She's a mean dog. But we are all warned. There are signs everywhere and she just hates every single girl out there, except Audrey, but she's tried biting her too. Lately Seaweed has been greeting me with a huge smile and a wagging tail. Possibly because I've been feeding her my leftovers but I like to think it's because I tamed her. I took her on a walk, TWICE. I'm proud of me, cause she's fkn scary. She's a wild dog. Was raised on a native reserve as a hunting dog. Belonged to the chief of that native reserve then given to my roommate. How cool is that?

Audrey was a no show last night. Was called in for work or something. Wtv.
I had two choices, either starve to death or try and make something. So I did. And my roommate said it smelled "really good" when he walked in. Damn right it did. You can do anything if you put your hungry belly to it.

Doesn't look so bad eh?

I hear Popeye...... I just realized why he's called Popeye.
Everything makes sense now.
Anyway, spinach is good for you.

For all you English Speakers the sign reads:
Danger, I may be small but I know Kung-Fu.
This is the sign that greets guests in my entrance.

My two stoner dogs.


Currently listening to N*E*R*D, She Wants to move

Did I ever say I met N*E*R*D? 'cause I did.

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  1. Ha!

    Good story. And great sign. And cute dogs. I don't generally like the little yappy dogs, but since they are stoner dogs they're cool.

    And for just 'whipping something up' to eat, you're definitely 10 steps ahead of single guys. My plate would probably have 3 heated up chicken patties, a fork, and a pile of ranch+ketchup.