Tuesday, September 7, 2010

200 Days of Cody

I watched 500 Days of Summer a few nights ago. Has anyone of you ever seen it? I hated it. I mean, I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt alot, he's in one of my favorite movies (mysterious skin anyone?) and Zooey Deschanel is a cutie and recently married one of my favorite musicians so I figured I would love it. But I didn't. It was awful! I hated Zooey's character, I felt horrible for Joseph's and about half way through I said out loud: " I don't like this movie. At all."

It's just constant torture and being unsure of what will happen. I hated it. Possibly because I was Joseph and Cody was Zooey.

At the end of the movie (spoiler alert?) Zooey meets Joseph at their favorite spot (she is married to someone else by then) and explains that she was never sure with him, and even though she said earlier she didn't believe in love, when she met her husband, she just knew.

That scene made me appreciate the movie a bit more. It made sense. I was happy that they didn't end up together or that Zooey realized she made a mistake. If you are unsure of someone no matter how hard that person tries then it's not meant to be. It will hurt for the one chasing but after putting in all you can, it's just not worth it. Sometimes you can earn someones love and sometimes you can't.

I've had it with you people who can't learn to love again after being heartbroken. All of you who've had 1 or maybe countless bad relationships. Is it really worth never trying again? Why do we remember only the bad? Are all the great moments of epicness or the little memories of discreet affection not good enough anymore? Do we rather stay in limbo and never feel anything? Good or bad? Life is a trade off. Everything must balance out in the end. You'll have good times and bad. Deal with it and move on. You only live once. I think.

Now if you'll excuse me I will go shop away my rage for people that won't even try.

P.s. Pictures and videos of my parents' wedding coming up soon. They're pretty fun! Also, pictures of yesterday's strange day at Piknic Electronik with my lovely bff.

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  1. Good work, Fox.

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt- so hot right now. Seen inception?

    I know what you mean about not liking a movie as you're watching it. It's hard to admit it and stop the movie halfway through, but it happens.

    In fact, I had to do that last night with the movie "The Ugly Truth." Turns out I just can't stand Katherine Heigl. Who knew? I mean, she's pretty good looking and everything. And most of her scenes showed her in a skirt, but then I just... saw that face of hers, and the words coming out of it, and had to say NO! I will NOT be watching this further.

    Actually turned it off halfway through. Very proud of myself.

  2. Yes of course!But either I found few flaws with the movie or I have to see it again. I loved it though. Ellen Page is pretty sick too.

    Katherine Heigl, ugh. Just her last name sounds like the sound puke makes as it hits the toilet water. Ugly face, ugly person.

    Proud of yourself too, as always.

  3. Nice pic... little gray riding hood!