Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fox Land

I like to browse the "missed connections" section on Craigslist. Sometimes there are pretty funny posts, sometimes too romantic and sometimes well you just wonder.

Your Guardian Angel... (Fox Land)

Hey lil Fox, can't send you e-mail anymore.... ...just want to wish you love, peace and happiness all over! You're very special, trust yourself. Someday, you'll be able to open your heart and this someday, you'll find someone who'll be willing to walk all day just to kiss you good night! Good luck. Don't be scared and stay true to yourself! xx Your guardian angel... who's still too blind to see it! :)

Location: Fox land

I sent he or she an email asking for an explanation. I know It's none of my business but it mentions a fox and a land of the Fox. Hopefully I get the story on this!

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  1. Maybe it's your homeless guy from the kitchen.

  2. Maybe, since he's homeless, he doesn't have access to a computer.

  3. Don't they have public libraries up there in Candadia?