Monday, September 20, 2010

I'm glad I quit.

Remember the first salon I worked at? The one I tried so hard to bring back to life? The one I was working at 6 days a week. The one I was working at 6 days a week because I was being promised a sweet, sick-ass job, a job I dream about everyday. The one I quit working at because I was sick of being promised things that never happened. Ya, that one.

I'm currently reading up on Quebec designers because I'm currently trying to get this intern spot on a huge charity fashion show happening in 2011. Things are going well, I think I might actually make the team..! Anyway, As I'm reading Montreal Fashion blogs I come across this:

“The truth Behind Stone Rose.

Montreal residents Abbas Visram and Jared Langleben along with childhood friends Jonathan Sharvit and Shai Medalsy are the faces behind Stone Rose, S.R is a Montreal-Miami based company that at first sight reveals the perfect success story of an ambitious hardworking and talented group of friends with a dream.

Unfortunately that dream is nothing more than a nightmare for the thousands of individuals around the world who have been defrauded by this unscrupulous group , their self proclaimed success story is nothing more than a fabricated bag of lies in order to legally re-invest their dirty money and allowing them to live in extreme luxury.
For the past six years their main criminal activity has been and remains in the following sectors:
Fraud, Piracy Spam Telemarketing Scams Identity Theft Credit Card Fraud
Using countless amounts of fraudulent web sites in a vast range of fields ranging from Bootleg DVD’s & Conterfeit Electronics to Basement made Vitamins & Conterfeit Fashion ,this group has accumulated substantial amounts of money in order to legally invest in new ventures such as Stone Rose and real state.

Their criminal activities are no longer a Secret Story……

(Secret Story Investments,is a company incorporated in Cyprus and one of their offshore shells used to commit their criminal activities )

Story developing-To be continued….”

I used to believe I would get that job. I worked on a brand report for months, detailing every brand to the core, who they would appeal to, where the HQ's were located, websites and other related brands. I edited ans printed it many times for him to show his "partners". I was doing great, I was going to meet them soon. But I quit my job.

My old boss, and his friends, run Stone Rose.


  1. Hmm.

    Sounds like you got out at a good time.

    You probably had instincts warning you something was up with this situation... next time you'll know when to listen to them!

    Or, you could be living in the lap of luxury with the SR scam artists, and pay out a huge amount to lawyers to keep out of jail and live your entire life like a queen.

    Noble? Probably not. But you could by all the denim jackets you wanted.

    There's that.

  2. congrats on beeing smarter than me. these people ripped me off big time...

  3. Good move ,these scammers recently changed the name of stone rose To Jared Lang (one of the scammers name is Jared Langleben)changed his name to Jared Lang.

    I got ripped too, hope they get what they deserve

  4. Glad you walked out , Abbas Visram and Jared Langleben are two low life scumbags (fraud masterminds), the other guys Jonathan Sharvit and Shai Medalsy are good guys , they have nothing to do with their fraudulent ways.

    1. OH Yes! Jonathan Sharvit has everything to do with it.
      A few years back in NY, he never paid their showroom at the time called the Blue agency, their designer Peter Trainor nor the photographer and stylist that did their lookbook.
      When confronted on the phone by some of these guys they made actual threats on them and/or their family members.

      That is probably why they are managing to still be free, have the company running and play Miami socialites...

  5. Jared Lang ShirtsApril 7, 2011 at 9:35 PM

    What a surprise "NOT" Jared Langleben (Jared Lang ) and Abbas Visram make a living from telemarketing and credit card fraud among other things, the shirts its just a front to wash the money stolen from old ladies , THEY SHOULD BE IN JAIL

  6. Jonathan sharvit and Shai medalsy owners of stone rose owned telemarkting company sellcom stealing credit card information from old war veterans. One girl that worked for jon and shai comitted suicide. Word on the street is they stole a half a million dollars from investors jared lang and abbbas visram. sharvit and medalsy talked them into investing into stone rose without signing docs.

  7. Take a look at this... or read the full text here:

    if any of you don't speak french i'll give you an idea of what it is. its a judgement from the quebec court against Jared Langleben (abbas Visram was also involved). fucking losers went and took orders for bootleg dvd's, counterfeit clothing, porn, sex toys and much more online illegal activity. AND get this... abbas visram and jared langleben didn't even ship anything to those customers. but that's not why they got sued. they got sued because when Paygea found out about their illegal activity they froze their merchant account. when jared langleben and abbas visram found out about this, they had all their staff chargeback those transactions for the clients. so basically they took the money that didn't belong to them and then left paygea holding the bag. the judgment is for $$1 Million.

    sidenote: and you know what they did with this money? they spent it on buying expensive bottles of alcohol at night clubs while they told their wives that they were out on business. what a crock of shit!

    it is my understanding that they were KICKED out of the apparel company because they didn't have any money. their sole purpose was to provide money and they didn't because they were irresponsible with the money that was stolen from these poor people.

    there's plenty more shit floating out there about jared langleben and abbas visram. i'm pretty sure you can't find anything about the other 2. except for some stuff that these two goons are clearly making up.

    i know so much. stay tuned for stories about how they defrauded the bankruptcy courts in canada. yes langleben and visram listed $500 in assets after all these shenanigans. and if you want more i will provide you with links to pictures of langleben. you'll see what i mean

  8. I wonder if Celia Outmezguine knows how many times Jared cheated on her ?

  9. Anyone knows the names of the websites Jared Lang and Abbas Visram used or are still using to commit fraud?

  10. Jared Langs phone number is 917-921-3320

  11. what are the websites used to scam people ?

  12. you should of used a proxy. so busted lol

  13. What are the latest updates on Jared Lang (Langlaben) Abbas Visram and Celia Outmezguine , what kind of fraud are they up to ???

  14. Pictures of ray rey medalsy cheating on his wife. Caught with pants down at strip club. email for more info at " "

  15. don't exactly know what their deal is with but I can confirm that they ripped off a lot of people in NY during the production of their look book a few years back.
    Showroom, stylist, photographer and model agencies never saw their money.
    I am talking about Sharvit and Medalsi. Don't know of the two other ones
    When confronted on the phone, the few first times, they came up with the phoniest reasons, then went straight into threatening mafia style.

  16. Apparently Jared langlaben and the other guy Abbas Visram are pulling the same scams under jared lang label, two glorified telemarketers…

  17. Jared Lang is another scam just like stone rose was ,Beware of jared lang , celia lang outmezguine , abbas vizram. Beware and Report to authorities

  18. michael davis is a scam photographer beware he charged $30,000 for garbage that was never used