Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Gym

I got a gym membership a few weeks back. I started off motivated but ended up not going. I was always with Cody anyway. Audrey decided she would sign up, so I decided to sign up again. This way I could compete with her and get the motivation I need to get back into it. So I've been going everyday now, trying new things. All the classes are included in the membership so in 3 days I've done 3 yoga classes, 2 spinning and 1 pilates class. I thought yoga was gay. I mean, I hate the outfits people wear, the snobby/granola ways of the ladies who do it, the dumb meditation part and all the rest that is gay. Well, turns out I love yoga. It's so much fun. Especially when we go into warrior pose or even better, the flying warrior pose. It makes you feel like a manga character jetting through the sky like a rocket while evading the power force missiles of your opponent.

In the first yoga class we took there were 3 guys. One older gentleman who I kept on peeking at and have come to the conclusion that he is there for the purification of his soul and to strengthen his core. the 2 other guys though, seemed about my age, maybe a bit younger, and I don't think they were there for the same reasons as gentleman #1. They were right up front, in the middle. I was in the back, so facing forward, I could see them perfectly. One of the guys was wearing extremely tight pants and a really short shirt(?). It was funny watching him because assuming the downward facing dog or even the resting pigeon was impossible for him and his tight pants.


fast forward to tonight.

I go to yoga class #3 on my own because Audrey has an interview. I notice again just one guy and he seems to be recovering from an injury and taking it slowly getting back into the game. No problem there. After class I decided to go do a little 15 minutes of cardio, just for fun (right.) I'm almost done, about 12:26 mins in and a guy comes next to me. Now there are at least 6 other free ellipticals. But whatever, I'm listening to music and when I have my headphones in I can't hear you. Well this guy tries anyway with the typical: :"Hey, I like your tattoos!"

Oh, right... Thanks.

So we end up talking about music, school, how I look like Pocahontas with my braids and a few other things, like how apparently I'm not bad at yoga for my first week (He's been watching me?! Creep.) next thing I realise, it's been 29:31 mins! I'm like: Cool, I'm losing weight and not noticing it!

I decide it's enough and I need to go home so I clean my machine, say goodbye to my new friend and start exiting. But my new friend wants more. So he stops his sissy little 16:48 mins workout and follows me down to the locker rooms. He asks if we can exchange numbers so that we could workout together. I hesitate a bit, but I'm very much useless when it comes to telling people no so we exchange. As I'm watching him enter my number, I notice his huge boner. In his tight pants. Then and there do I realise he's the guy I was making fun of in my yoga class #1 and that I was right, and he was only there to hit on girls. I start laughing, but then hold it in and continue laughing, only in my head. He's sort of tilting his hips towards the locker room as to hide his chubby but I play dumb and keep him there a bit longer, just cause it's funny. At that moment, his friends (all the tall dudes that were playing basketball while he was macking on me) walk around us to get to the locker room. I heard them laugh, I saw the look in his eyes, they all saw his stiffy. Oh the roaring laughs! It was great.

As soon as I stepped outside I called Audrey to tell her about the funny event that just happened with Tight Pants. We both laughed.

It was raining mad outside.

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  1. Sweet story, dudette.

    I knew I liked you.