Thursday, September 9, 2010

I want to leave

Friendship Cove is no more...

One of Montreal's sweetest spots for underground shows. Some crappy building on a crappy street somewhere kindof downtown but not really where all the grittiest and meanest shows happened. No one really knew if people lived there but it look like it. On the second floor was a fully functional but very dirty kitchen. On the main floor was the gig area as well as this awesome little hole in the wall with pillows and other comfy arrangements. The walls were painted in whatever was going through whoever's head a the moment. It's now officially closed. The lease expired and the rent was raised or police shut it down. Either way, Montreal is losing all it's great spots. We're losing it all.

All the old abandoned malt factories or disintegrating churches are being torn down and rebuilt into trendy new lofts. What is left for us Urban Explorers to explore?! Canada, Montreal specifically does not have much of a culture apart from all these great little spots. These hangout spaces are what defines our city and spirit. We have nothing else to show but these little gems hidden on the corner or back alley of every few streets. It angers me. Try and find a nice wooden area to get lost and reflect. You won't. They're all gone.

I watched Into the Wild. I now need to get away for a bit. I mean, I've wanted to get away for some time. But now it's time. I feel like I need to be with myself, completely. Maybe not in Alaska, starving. No need for such extreme measures. Plus I wouldn't last more than 3 days without food and even though I can shoot a target doesn't mean I'll have the guts to hit a fluffy rabbit or even less a big moose. After my plans to spend the Summer in England went down the drain I was hoping to spend a few weeks in northern Ireland raising horses. I think that would be a good getaway.

Seems this is the week for movie quotes. Into the Wild is Christopher McCandless's story. If you don't know the story, have itchy feet syndrome or just yearn for something that is pure and true, I suggest you read up a bit on him. It'll inspire you. A quote that stuck with me (amongst many other great ones) is Christopher McCandless's words on his quest to find what he's looking for.

"The climactic battle to kill the false being within and victoriously conclude the spiritual pilgrimage."

Wouldn't attaining this state, reaching a, maybe not complete, but faint glimmer of an idea of who we are be possibly the most fulfilling feeling there is?

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  1. Oh Princess Stone Fox, how I grieve for the loss of those quaint and hidden urban places. May luck and good fortune find you now to brighten your spirits. Ireland? Really? Why do I picture you somewhere so much warmer?

    Into the Wild, I own the book and liked the movie as it added visuals to support that…the Datsun getting washed out in the Arizona desert for example. After reading this book I was overwhelmed with a sense of adventure. Managed to get 150 miles before coming to my senses. Or maybe I just ran out of gas.

  2. Naa, I'm more of a cold and foggy place kind of girl. I love green, mystery and layering my clothes.

    That's it right? Same for me! It's just mindblowing how the right words will make you want to leave it all.

    I'm happy you feel the same way!

  3. Awesome book. I read it in Iraq and it was a perfect time to do so.

    I'd go on the whole "spiritual pilgrimage" thing, but I prefer to keep my false being. We've been through a lot together and he's really not such a bad guy.

    Plus, I like showers and such.

    My ex spent a semester in Ireland and loved it.