Monday, September 13, 2010

Sometimes, things are not meant to be.

I'm a strong believer in making things happen for yourself. I think if we put in enough effort, or plan accordingly, almost anything is possible. It's not guaranteed success. If you say the wrong thing or act the wrong way but in general things are pretty easy to figure out.

Their are times though, when it just can't work. Life (God, destiny, wtv) just won't let it happen. So we must accept.

About a year ago, in Montreal, a young couple was out having lunch on the terrace of a downtown hotel. It was a little windy but still nice enough to eat outside. A lapel from the side of the building loosened and fell on a girl. The lapel struck her, cracking her skull open and killing her. This girl was out with her boyfriend eating lunch on the terrace of her hotel. He was about to propose to her.

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  1. I know right.

    I felt weird for the whole day when I heard the story. How tragic...

  2. Did you say "I know right?" Has that made it into Canada already?? Sweet!

    Oh yeah. Sad story, too.