Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sunless day out in the sun

It's a beautiful night, but a little strange. I'm on the porch in the back, starry night, perfect temperature. The night is calm. I just got back from a run (well...more like a short run and then 45mins of fast walking.. I really can't do this unless I'm trying to catch a ball or running for my life) and I got lost. I know I just moved to this neighborhood but I still know it pretty well. And I didn't go far, or stray from what I knew, but I got lost. I just stopped, looked around, made a few steps in each direction to see if I would recognize something but I didn't. I went back they way I came (or so I thought...) and still nothing. Ashamedly enough, I had to use my Google maps app on my IPhone to find the way home... I felt so lost! Even following the path it gave me made no sense. I had left from the right, and arrived from the left. It made no sense. I still don't understand what happened.

A friend really close to my heart right now keeps on playing with my head. There are many things he does that I find not right, or just plain strange but yet I still feel pulled towards him. As I'm trying to find my way, I receive a text from him simply saying : Problem. I call him right away to find out what it is and also cause I was gonna call him anyway. I quit my job, cut my hair and thought I wanted to share that it was a great night for strolling in Westmount and these were all great reasons to give him a call. We call each other for the dumbest shit anyway all day long so have 3 subjects, 2 that are worth discussing, well that's just a plan for an awesome phone call. But he doesn't answer... I text: what's wrong? he says it's fine...I say I don't care and that he must call me anyway. He says" It's okay please. I ask where he is. He says "here but i can't text, it's too much." I say I know this which is why he should call me and stop sending mysterious texts and now I won't be able to sleep(again...grrreaattt...) He says don't be but I can't do this ttyl.

Like, wtf does that mean? Great way to make me nervous all night there bucko! Fuckin eh. I think he's one of the reasons for my not sleeping at night...I've got to stop him.

Anyway, today I wanted to go to the beach but Audrey made me drive her to Rawdon where the friends of our roommates go hangout on weekends. 2 hours, lots of traffic and no sun later, we got there. It actually was pretty fun.

Have you ever gotten lost somewhere close to home? Or have a friend that you are constantly aware of or worried about?

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  1. I've been lost close to home, far from home, and even in my home. I'm what they call "directionally retarded"

    One time I was in Venice and walked around lost for 6 hours. Eventually some Italian soldiers escorted me to a boat and I made it out. Yikes.
    I blame that one on me flipping a coin to figure out left or right at each 'T' intersection.

    This guy sounds like head games and drama, but if you feel pulled towards him then you probably have a penchant for those things yourself.

    Most chicks do.

    You run with an Iphone?


  2. I am glad you are ok. Wait? You quit your job? You cut your hair? Did I read that right? maybe your friend needs to be less frantic and worry about you once in a while.

    Being lost in the city is un-nerving to say the least but I try to get lost in the mountains of Colorado on a semi-weekly basis. If I can't find society, they can't find me...its a win-win.

    I wish you the very best Princess Stone Fox...I just might have to worry about you a little bit as well.

  3. Ya I quit my job. Cut my bangs ( do the same mistake evvveerry summer. I like it for a few weeks then I hate myself for doing it!)

    I know right? He went totally Edward Cullen on me and I'm still trying to win this. Dumb, dumb, dumb!

    Well, I run(walk)with an IPod, so ya.. my phone is attached to it.