Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I had this dream where my teeth always fell out

He always wrecks my soccer balls.

Audrey's homemade waffles. Toppings - courtesy of me.

Living here is great. Some of my friends warned me about moving in with Audrey. They thought I was making a huge mistake. I wasn't 100% sure at that time but I was willing to give it a shot. I'm pretty flexible. Apart from her bad habit of drowning her sorrow in alcohol, it's been wonderful. I now have a devoted friend at my side with lots more attitude and spunk than I, which can come in handy at times. She also feeds me. Steaks, bbq'd veggies, waffles, pancakes, anything I want. I love(sometimes hate) that she's rude to people but tells me she's aware she has no social etiquette. She's amazing.

Last fall I told my best friend I felt a big change was coming.

A few days ago I joined the local gym. My membership gives me access to all the classes. They have a pool there.. I intend on eventually taking swimming lessons but I'll procrastinate a couple more weeks... I've been quite inactive for about 4 years now. A combination of injury, sickness, relationships and way too much cake. Yesterday, I played volleyball for the first time in 4 years. And when I say play I mean I ate gym floor for about 2 hours and a half. I decided to watch them play first, to see what I was up against. Holy moly who was I kidding! They were about 10 guys, all much older than me and amazing athletes. I kept on watching for another good 15 mins then the first game ended. By then, about 10 more people joined. Still no girls...Hmmm. Maybe I missed the "extremely tall, older guys only" sign at the door? A small man then asked me if I wanted to warm up and play the next game. So I did. I was really nervous and overly shaky but it came back to me quickly. I was actually holding up against these monsters! (Imagine the aliens from Space Jam only they play volleyball instead of bball) So by the end of the evening I impressed a few macho men from the YMCA and myself aswell. I didn't think I had it in me. I was invited back next week, with a promise that I would purchase some knee pads. It feels amazing to hit on a ball again.

I also received to long awaited phone calls this week. One that informed me of a fixed date for an important surgery needed which allows me to set a date for my second important call. I will finally get to go to England and possibly quit these salon jobs by September. Alot of people dick around but sometimes you have to believe things will workout, because they do.

My parents decided they will be bringing my dog Othello in to be put to sleep. He is quite old and my mom says he's been sick for a bit. They got the results back from some tests and it shows nothing good. They decided, unlike we did with my 21 year old cat, to no stretch out his malaise and cut the pain short. i saw him maybe 2 weeks ago and he seemed fine. A bit old but fine. My mom called to let me know Friday is the day. That's in 2 days. I think it's too soon. I get the feeling my mom just wants to get rid of him. She took it hard with my cat and the wedding is coming up and I think she thinks Othello is a burden so I'm not too happy with this decision. It's just too soon. They told my little brother and sister that he was old and sick so he had to go finish his days at the hospital where the doctors can care for him until he goes to heaven.

I think this is what I'll choose to believe. It's easier and makes more sense.
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  1. Glad you have a roommate that cooks you food- can't beat that!

    Sorry about your dog. That sucks.


    PS flask is in my car again day, filled with brandy. Who knows what he's going to make happen tonight- so far he's been a real troublemaker.

  2. I hope you're recording these events thouroughly!

    It's like you have a little piece of me with you, creating chaos and all... [sniff...] so beautiful...


  3. <“I mean I ate gym floor for about 2 hours and a half.”> That was too funny. Glad you got your “game” back and felt that thrill of Vball action once again.

    You are doing awesome! One goal at a time and you will reach your dreams. (Ugh…I sound like an after school special sometimes)