Monday, July 26, 2010

Melancholy Boy's words, what I've been dying to say

A couple blogs back I wrote about a guy that writes amazing things. Amazing to me anyway. Here is some of his work. This to me, is what I couldn't explain to others. How I view things. It might make me sound like a whore, or I don't know, but this is how it is for me. Not just on a sexual level (although it's been about that part alot lately) but on any kind of level. This is what I do. And it has everything to do with why I feel so low of myself. Enjoy, or not.


When so many people can tell you they love you, that you're beautiful, that you're amazing, why only take it from one person? Why not take it from every person? Why not feel everyone's longing and touch with their tongues and lips and fingertips? Why not feel every single person you want's heartbeat and body parts. Why tie yourself down and feel guilty for talking or touching somebody else and why give all of yourself to one person when you can give yourself to every person and every person can give parts of themselves to you.

Why depend when you don't need too, and why love one when you deserve to be loved by all. No one deserves all of you, no deserves all of you, no one deserves all of you, no one deserves every ounce of you.

Pour yourself into the sea and mingle from here to there and everywhere. Why not have a bed thats always full of new experience and a heart thats bloody from friends and foe.

Why not eat at everyones soul and why constrain yourself to one heart and one mind. We've got one life. i'm in an open relationship with the world.

there's too much love or none left in these bones of mine. i can't tell which one. im a trick and an apparition and i'll make you comfortable without much of a whim or care.

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  1. This kind of "I want to just have sex and have fun" (paraphrasing) angst is typical only in societies where there is a strong current of 'settle down and love your true love and only your true love forever' type of mentality.

    In some countries monogamy is rare.

    But, inevitably, you can't have your cake and eat it too.

    But you CAN have some cake and then maybe a little of it too. Right?

    That didn't make sense.

    Caleb <---- going to drink more coffee