Friday, July 16, 2010

Melancholy Boy

I don't read much anymore. Reading makes me not sleep, and I'm already not sleeping so I'd rather not aggravate my case. But there is one thing, or maybe one author's words that I can read and have done so repeatedly over the past years. He's no one famous, a kid, just like me, but man can he write. I'm just completely enchanted by his stories and I feel like he can put down on paper what I've been breaking my head to let out. It comes easy for him. He knows all the perfect words, it just flows straight out of him.

I used to be this guy's Myspace stalker when I was 16.

I was browsing one night, clicking from one person to one of their friends and so on until I found something interesting. He caught my eye right away. City: Montreal. Jet black hair, pale skin with rosy cheeks and a bottle of JD to his plump lips. The background to his Myspace page was taken right out of The Crow, but not the movie, the graphic novel (which is one of my favorite pieces out there). The song to his profile was a Final Fantasy song about one of my favorite bands (bonus points!!) and to this day, Final Fantasy or Owen Pallett now is probably my #1 musician. It was love at first browse for me. But I didn't want to "add him as a friend" because I felt dumb that I didn't know him or his friends and didn't want it to look like I was only trying to get 1 bijilion friends. So, I lurked in the cyberspace shadows.

About 2 years later I moved to Montreal and got a job in the city's biggest movie theatre. Well guess who also worked there? I recognized him right away. It was so strange to actually see him for real though. Taller than I originally thought. Good. Anyway, I never spoke directly to him, I was too shy and felt like I would have had to impress him, or maybe I felt like a creeper who knew everything about him. Plus, he quit about a week after I started working there.

One of my coworkers had a crush on me. Over there they hire groups of fresh "players" every 4 months or so, so the older employees love to see who the rookies are. I was the only girl, or only hot one I guess of my group. So this guy started liking me. An amazing guy, still my friend today. No, I've never dated him or anything. He kissed me on the mouth once when I was about to take the metro but that's it. One of this guy's best friend's was my beautiful melancholy boy. After I thought I had lost him, I found him again. It was too good to be true. One of his friends added me on Myspace too, cause I was scene and cute I guess, so that was another degree closer to him. I saw him alot at parties and shows but never really had a conversation with him. I stayed far away. I was really scared of him.

As the months were progressing from winter to spring and summer, I kept on reading. From what I could grasp, melancholy boy discovered cocaine. He lost it a bit, spiralled down and severed the ties with our mutual friend because of this. He changed his profile to private and so I had lost him.

About 6 or 7 months ago when I did have a Facebook account, I saw he commented on one of my friend's page so I checked out his page. Sure enough he's our of his rut and back to writing great material ( in my opinion). It made me happy just to know he was okay and that people could still enjoy reading his thoughts. I deleted my Facebook account so I lost him again.

Last week, driving in to work I saw a taller man, with a bit of scruff, some new tattoos, jet black hair and rosy cheeks maintaining the outside of a coffee shop. Could it be? I didn't get a great look at his face ( having to watch out for pedestrians, texting and eating a sandwich. Just kidding about the texting part. That shit's dangerous kids.) but it sure did look like him. Yesterday again, I drove in front and he was sitting in the sun with a coworker chatting away because no one was asking for coffee I guess...

Maybe next week I'll gather all my courage and go buy a 3,50$ cookie or something...

I found some of his stuff that I had printed out while unpacking my stuff. I'll be posting some of his stories every now and then.

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  1. You happened to run into him while working at a theater in Montreal?

    Not buying it! Stalker!

    And waiting years to make your move too... nice. It'll be all the sweeter now when you lock him in a pit and make "it puts the lotion on the skin!"

    Sure he'll make a great lampshade!


    PS I drive while texting, drinking coffee, eating Subway, shifting, adjusting the radio, talking, and reading the paper

    PPS Joe Hill, "Heart Shaped Box"
    Great book and for some reason I'm thinking about you while I read it. I just figured out why. Seriously- go the library and read it!

  2. Ya I did stalk him! But the movie theatre was pure coincidence! It's a pretty big one too, so tons of people work there.

    Amazing Caleb! I'm gonna go pick up that book today! I can never pick any on my own, there are too many so it's great when a friend proposes a novel. No decision making from me = safer for everyone

  3. So you've decided to not decide?

    I'm overwhelmed by irony.

    Let me know when you've started it!

    Then I'm going to be calling you Georgia.