Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Salon


Now it's time to answer some questions.

I recently quit my job at the salon. I had been working there for a little over 7 months but it was time. I was receptionist/manager in an erotic massage parlour. Not a brothel. I don't know about where you guys live but in Montreal we have tons of em. It's a place where guys show up, pick a girl, then are taken to a room for a massage, some chatting and then a happy ending (we only had one Asian chick and she lasted 2 days). I know it sounds wrong but a job's a job. And a job like this one has many perks. Pick your own schedules, paid cash everyday, make alot more than any other job and just lie around doing whatever you please until horny men pass by. Not many people know I worked here because well you can only imagine (or you, yourself are judging right now) the taboo associated with this kind of work. I'm not trying to change anybody's view on the subject but to me there's nothing wrong with it. It's a service being offered in exchange for a fee. These girls are not prostitutes and do not offer to have sex with the clients (well we had one who did, Nurse Lauren was her name). They are girls that want to make alot of money, that are very comfortable with their sexuality and are master seductresses. These girls are amazing actors, some of the best hustlers you'd ever meet and they do this all in their lingerie. Some have bills to pay, other's power trip over the fact that they get paid to give guys boners. Everyone has their reasons to work there and everyone's got issues. But everyone's got issues. In any type of work. So when I hear some of my best friends say that my coworkers must all be crack addicts or alcoholics or beaten as kids, I get real mad. The girls I worked with were amazing. No addicts, no diseases, nothing. Just extremely sexy ladies working their magic for an incredible price that guys are willing to fork out. Most of these girls, you would never know do this. They don't look like porn stars or have that fake attitude to go with it. They just rock and I love them. That's the thing about working in a place like this, you can be completely honest with everyone because it's a place you hide from the rest of the world. The funniest shit happens there everyday. The funniest people walk in every day.

But at some point it's too much. A business is a business. It has to grow or go down. And this one just didn't grow. I put all my heart and spent all my time working hard and trying to make it a better place( the salon had a bad reputation since it had opened so it was my job to clean it's image). I would find ideas, implement them, try new ideas, get new perspectives all of this trying to please my boss, the clients, the girls and then myself. My boss had told me many times that it was my salon. I got to make all the decisions. He was never around and put everything in my hands. It was great, but I don't like to run in circles. It had to get better or I don't. Wouldn't you want your business to grow? When you explain to people what the problem is, you tell them the answer and they do nothing, then I have no more power. I was sick of spending all my time on this place. Every night I would think about the next day. My day off and I would be thinking about the week to come. My week out of the country and I'm stressing out because one girl quit a day before I left and the girl I left in charge my cause trouble with the rest. It just becomes too much. The guys were really starting to disgust me too. Some of them are great people, but alot are just horrible. I couldn't stand talking with them on the phone and answering their stupid questions. I couldn't have them ring the doorbell anymore, only to walk in and then back out because 40$ was too expensive for them. It just turned me off from everything. So I quit. My boss told me many times that I should stop thinking of others and put myself first for once. He would tell me to stop freaking out when I was on the verge of tears and not stress, nothing was my fault.

I wanted to quit without any troubles. I knew this guy trusted me more than he's ever trusted any girl and I think he's been good to me. Sometimes. So I wanted it to end nicely. And it did. I was told I could come back if I wanted to and offered to go have a drink this week. But when the next day one of my girls calls me and tells me a whole bunch of bullshit made up by my boss, I lose it. I call him and tell him that I won't help him out with what he asked me and say I'd appreciate if he didn't lie to the girls about what happened. Right then he starts off again and lies straight to my face. I told him he lost me and not to ask me any more favours cause I'm done with him.

It's funny how people tell you to take care of yourself and do what's best for you and when you do, they turn on you, and get angry.

I feel so betrayed!! Arghh!!

Anyway, had to finish this one quick. I'm heading to the yacht club!


  1. Oh you are so fabulous. It sounds so silly but yes I was a little worried. Thank you for the follow up and closure.

    One of the problems with this world is that some people think they are perfect and will try to cast their beliefs, morals and judgments on other people. It would be foolish and wrong for me to cast any judgments on anyone that I know so little about.

    Your professional aspirations are to be admired. Too many people fall into the groove of comfort rather than strive for perfection or at the very least some level of improvement. You have made a difficult choice and it is unfortunate that others try to bring you down for that.

    You do not have to put yourself first 24/7 to be successful in this life. Many people find the most satisfaction when they help others. Once you find “your thing”, I know you will be awesome at it. Success awaits!!!

  2. First, I think that not only erotic massage but also prostitution should be legal in the US. Legal, regulated, and safe just like any other business. Sometimes our country's archaic and Puritan past stands in the way of what I see as true freedom. C'est la vie, non?

    I'm not weighing in on the morality of the matter, nor would I attempt to stereotype or overgeneralize the workers in the industry (where it exists). It's those types of generalizations that lead to the heavy-handed and restricted social policies of the US. Erotic=crack-whores=bad=illegal. Dumb, right?

    Like you said, most of the women (and men, don't forget) who would be in the field are regular people making a living and paying their bills. Who am I, or we, or the Government, to classify this as against the law?


    That being said, I'm outraged. All these years I've been paying $50 -or more- for massages administered by grumpy old ladies with ham-hands and no lingerie? And no HJ at the end? What!?

    You mean I could have paid LESS and had a HOT CHICK in LINGERIE give me a massage AND chat me up AND give a HJ?

    That's it. I'm moving to Canada. Well, okay, maybe once it gets a little less French. Then I'll think about it. :)

    I have to... hand it to you Fox. You may have inspired a post!


  3. Thanks Colorado. I like to have a purpose in life and so working on a business that has no future is not for me. I put all my energy in that place and never got the proper results. You can't be part of a team and be the only one working for something better. I don't have the man power or funds to do something drastic, and if the one in charge doesn't want to help, well it just goes down the shithole.

    Oh well, now my ex-boss is angry at me cause he knows he's going down. Who's gonna make appointments at the hairdresser for him now?

    Can't wait to find "my thing"! I know I'll be good at it too ^_^

    Ha! The French thing! that's for another post. Is it bad that my mother tongue is French but I'm on the Anglo team? Fckn French pussies with their Loi 101. Ugh, I can't wait to be out of this province!

  4. I don't know what that means, but cool. Leaving your province? Head for the states!

    I'd recommend Iowa so I could party you up, but honestly you're probably better off in Colorado.

    It's prettier.