Friday, July 16, 2010

Guy Incognito

At the salon where I work, we get tons of weird men coming(change coming to cumming and you got yourself a winner Caleb!) in on a daily basis. Today, I'll introduce you to one of them. Just for the irony of it I won't change his name. His name is Brian, and he's a freak show. Brian likes to wear denim on denim (very trendy right now, props for that!) and sports some classic 1998 Nike's. The ones that look like dinosaur teeth. Anyway. Brian comes in with his sunglasses, the ones they advertise on tv to give you HD vision, takes his shower with them, keeps them on, then walks out the door being completely invisible. So he thinks. He comes in, lets me know he injured his left leg a few days ago so I should let his hostess know to be careful with him. Okay Brian. Okay. On the way out Brian asks for a bag, so that he can dispose of his "stuff" himself. Wouldn't want to leave any traces Brian!... Oh! And, the door always has to be opened for Brian. He doesn't want his fingerprints on the door knob...

But we see you Brian. We know who you are! You can't hide from us. And yes, maybe we will go on a date with you if you take em off.

Currently not listening to anything cause I'm done work and on my way home!


  1. Silly, Brian. He probably watches too much CSI on TV.

  2. You have got to explain this whole salon thing. Injured men come in with 3D glasses to put their 'stuff' somewhere and shower? What the heck kind of Salon is this?!

    Did that little Asian slave man ever come back?

    And where's my hookers!


    PS thanks for noticing the innuendo. I like to feel that I do some good in this world.