Thursday, July 15, 2010

Never too old for a pajama party

So yesterday I moved to my new sweet home in a sweet neighborhood. It took a couple of hours, a few trips (I was only moving my bedroom but I own TONS of shoes and and 1 dirty pickup truck but we did it. It's definitely not as hot as last week but it's still very uncomfortable to sleep at night. I have an air conditioner but the window part had to be trimmed because it didn't fit. My handy roommate said he would fix it for me tomorrow but thinking I couldn't stand another night of no sleep and night sweats I forced Audrey(roommate/drunken strip club friend... see post 2) to have a pajama party with me in her icy bedroom. This girl can be pretty rough and hard to handle at times but she's surprising me more and more. She offered to let me sleep in her bed since she had "to wake up at 5 a.m. anyway, so it wasn't a big deal." I thought that she was nice enough to share her cold air with me and told her it was too much but thanks anyway. After 3 minutes of arguing she finally let me sleep on her floor.(spooning in her twin size bed was out of the question. It was cool in there but not that cool. ) SO we giggled in our underwear and pigtails for an our or so, then watched a movie until we dozed off.
I didn't sleep. Not until 5:30 when she left for work and I slipped in her bed. I didn't get much rest but at least I didn't wake up drenched for once! (maybe this means I don't have HIV or Lymphoma..! I always google my symptoms when I'm sick and it can be pretty scary at times). So overall it was a good night. The floor was okay, the air perfect and I got some dry rest. Other then being Icked-out but a charging spider, it went well.

This morning I woke up with the house to myself. It was great. The bright sun was shinning, all the windows were open and a great breeze was rolling in. I was so peaceful and bright. Such an upgrade from living in a basement! I think this one will be good for a bit.

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  1. glad u have settled :) T x

  2. Dear Princess Stone Fox, Pajama Party posts are so much better with pictures. =)

    P.S. I have Ninja like spider smashing skills. lol

  3. I know! I thought about it but it had been a rough few days. Probably not the best time to be taking pictures. Plus I have to keep you guessing. Can't give it all away right from the beginning! ;)